Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

ValveKing 100 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the ValveKing series.

doodb 09/13/2008

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head : doodb's user review


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All-100W lamp 46l6gc for power stage, three 12AX7 preamp for the floor of
-Effects loop series
-2 HP output with common switch 8 April 16 ohm
-2 Guitar input
Reverb-a ressord with his knob (common to the two channels)
-2 Channels (clean and Cunche / overdrive / saturax) EQ with bass / med / high / master channel
-1 Knob for the presence of two channels
-1 Knob of resonance for the two channels
-1 Bright switch for clean (very effective)
-1 Gain boost switch for channel 2
-1 Volume boost switch for channel 2

what more? for the price: nothing, absolutely a third channel and a master general. 10 for this award because I never found as complete


We can not get more simple: you turn the knobs and the sound is the hop!


This is where the product is exeptionnel:
I manage a group of death that uses this oriental head (I know very well). 100W bcp wonders if it's enough, and listen at the time when we played at the leather I had the combo 50w grateux branch on 4x12: no problem for sound to the room!! by repeating the same time, they covered the drummer tappe yet frankly on its battery. since they are upgrading to 100W head and is the drummer who demand lower scratch ....
for rendering: as said before they play the death, and that's more than enough! the sound is warm and generous saturax, and clean, well nothing to complain it is indeed clean and very clean.
Now my personal config is mesa recto preamp + + mess 2:90 rctifier mesa 2x12 and well although I prefer my two cents (but it is matter of taste) saturax send less than the head. I also played on a Dual Rectifier and just like the more saturated ValveKing. for the grain ValveKing and less burdensome and less fat, less dark and can be a bit more "clean". it lacks, compared to the engl (I played on a 580 year pdt) or boogie, a bit of dynamic roundness and clean. but it's not day and night.
the head, compared to the price, is the best market leader, and far far away !!!!! if you want better you must let go at least 3 to 4x more tunes ...
the grain is neither better nor worse than other brands, the grain peavey (a lamp, anything to do with TransTube) must love. I personally am not a fan but I am far from alergies. again I think this head sounds much better and is more versatile than a 5150!! for the fans ...
for the trouble I put a 10/10 (because it's impossible to 25) because at this price is simply Hauris!! no one can invent to do better or even as the performance of peavey! hats off frankly.


When you have not yet tube amp and that the budget is tight and you want an all-tube head, whatever the musical style, a guarantee 2 years 3 € 500 must be taken that the!
if you're fickle like me with the grain of the amp you can afford to go to the other (unless you like the peavey grain)
well it's going to be another big one in perfect 10/10 for peavey

ps: I want to say all the same I am a true break my balls with her! and yet this peavey is a must and I think I'll pay just parcequ'elle is great, I recall that I get to play at all boogie!!

hop and a little edit of families
I just got an MP congratulated me on my opinion. is not accrue on the net in general so I'm going to see what was said on this amp .....
then it will have to stay correct when even the guys! we have the right not to like a particular gear, but the purpose of notice is to try to be objective to give an indicator. qqn wants to buy it if you must sanita before !!!!!! (It can not appeal on that) but that this head is shit ... I prefer not to answer correctly to stay.
I'm going for a year on a mesa roadster + 4x12 correct. Although I prefer by far my mesa (matter of taste only), and good for the quality / price I would note (the mesa) although much less ValveKing!
1000 I maintain my opinion on both the head absolutely impeccable scholarship refers to a necessary purchase.