Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

ValveKing 100 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the ValveKing series.

pollux212 04/22/2008

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head : pollux212's user review


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Said below.
This is an entry-level amps.
amp all-tube, should be specified. but some who tested below do not know aparamen not use this feature.
jm'expliquerai after.


The settings are fast, there is direct what you're looking.
The equalizer is really good, the frequencies are shaped to perfection.
short, not rocket science.
is not a single knob to no avail, all are clear.
over the course of buttons, is really long, which allows for extreme versatility.


The CLEAN is warm, round, worthy of a tube amp, is not to say. after, only purists will find a way to get cash, but I want to say: molo guys, it's a "outset", just not disgusted ki ones can not afford rectify a triple, peavey tt lamp or other ...
entry here means that it is not perfect. c a fact!
but not in the clear.

Personally, I trèèèès the big sound, a mix of death metal, thrash metal beam that! blast it dry!
So JMI connai pa mal saturation and I am looking for a sharp and burr san!
pr back to the beginning, this is a correct pa, but a tt c Kamemi lamps!
ki are those used with the vehicle's gross distortion, find the fat, heavy, slightly Péchu ...
yes, but if you decide to clear the channel coupled with a good distortion pedal for metal muff-type or other tube preamp, you will get a sound as powerful if not more than a mesa! forget the marshall, c exceeded at this stage, although c tro powerful.
pr say, I tested in parallel, a Laboga Mr Hector, and ValveKing + metal muff, and after a few seconds SETTINGS, I managed to find the same sound a little closer!
jfai outside the pub in May for those pa ki have big budget, do not hesitate, ValveKing with a distortion pedal of his not cost autan k'un mesa, but it sounds like!

short the resulting distortion, there's a grain precise, sharp, bright, punchy, with good palmutes well supported.

I put all the same 7 / 10 c psk not sound gross amp either.


I tested both moult in store, with friends, and c true that saturated gross shit, but after lots of testing with the effects of different distos, I managed to use the grain of lamps their advantage! is a characteristic not to leave aside!
for an entry level head, there really means to lay a more than adequate.
I have a pr randall head now, it costs 100 € more, but a hybrid c. I still sound clean with a metal muff, but next to the Peavey ValveKing, c dla really cheap!
the sound is less accurate above.
So I counted to wait and pay me a big Krankenstein, but it is pointless o final, it was better for less! even if a little c compliké get the sound! At the same tps, fo really be a nozzle not do it lol!

So the purists, keep your comments jvoi pa how little to impersonate a pro without actually tested all the possibilities of an amp.
Budget, do not hesitate, go test it, take your time, pair it with whatever you can, and I'm sure you'll find it ke. (And more expensive in pa!)
And finally any kind of metal fan, go for it, c of the killing (kan is known to use it! Lol, ha purists! You seriously makes me laugh!)