Peavey Windsor Head
Peavey Windsor Head

Windsor Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the Windsor series.

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yann4140 08/25/2011

Peavey Windsor Head : yann4140's user review

«  THE economic solution! »

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Section 3 preamp equipped with lights and power 12A7; for four EL34 100W.
The bare minimum, 1 channel, master, presence, resonance. And effects loop on the front. And a control class AA / B
2Quit jacks for speakers
16-8-4ohm mono.


Personally I used it just for the power section (multi purpose ToneLab plugged into the return of the effects loop) and the use it makes the job very well being asked anyway! Heat lamps make a real difference, I was comparing the connection of the multi sound, at once very bland, and even worse to the headphone, but what made the amps!
I can not say much about its sound quality when using the single channel, it do not like me actually ever used! ;)
Manuel, apart from the reminders (always good to take) the impedance is not very useful.

Against by not least ... its weight and size, one of the largest head and also quite heavy, not to give a weakling on pain of a shattered land 3m back later ^ ^

The same applies to the corresponding speaker, particularly heavy compared to the "normal" for the little that I could compare, 4 * 12 marshall and randall.

Use at home, watch out! I control the volume with the volume output of the pedal and only! For in the case of use plugged directly into the fx loop return of the master knob does not work! And oe .. But this fu a blessing in disguise because I could play with the pedals at a very moderate volume if I wanted.
Besides, I have subsequently reduced the power is 50Watts 2lampes removing power from the ends, detail required for the survival of your amp, this during a drying lamp (and bias adjustment) by me. It is often just a patacaisse this story change lamps but with minimal awareness of security (open amps work on) a multimeter and some research on the net in 10 minutes you're done! I had no experience in this field, apart from what my foundation in electronics but I have not encountered any pb, adjusted the knob thanks to the internal bias for this purpose has the desired value and voila.
9 / 10 was because of the weight and position as the transport is quite annoying.


British sound of EL34, its fairly neutral Finally, I recall at least for the use that I did!
The matching cabinet, good quality, enough to be worthy of a tube amplifier what.

I used this config to give style metal, progressive, with the ToneLab, possibility of a pleasant change from clean arpeggios fenderiens (Start HSS) wrapped in reverb and chorus tuti on good big distos (an upstream 7cordes Ibanez S7320 )


I used 2 years, at home, repeating and concert and frankly he never let go! Its addition, the mere fact of being just a very basic one ^ ^ and good quality. I recommend! bought 539 euros in 2008 at Thomann.
Now I'd like to spend a laney ironheart with a TC Electronic G SYSTEM this time use the channels of the amp (switchable from Gsystem) and mix them with the effects of tc. And experience will tell me but I think holding my holy grail of the ^ ^