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Quentin P 07/03/2014

Vox AC4TVH : Quentin P's user review

«  Beautiful little beast »

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Value For Money : Excellent
All-tube amp switchable 1W 4W and 0.1 W. This is a 4W amp that has balls! It covers a wide and low battery so easily repeated use and even concert.
This is a single channel amp with speaker output 16ohms.


The config is super simple it's plug n play. You plug it up the volume knob and no longer affects only that guitar knobs to get the sound you want.


In terms of sound you can get a clear sound that crunch sound slightly over drive that sends the block. You just play with the knobs on the guitar. I have not tested with pedals but the new owner he assured me with his pedal it sounded great. Amp blues / rock that can probably move towards hard rock with a good pedal.
I used a Gibson with a baffle and FlyingV Brunetti XL mini cab.
I sold not because the sound does not like me but because it did not suit me and I had a lack of a clean channel. I wanted a rounder amp in the crunch.


Excellent quality / price ratio. With the experience I do not have that choice because ultimately the sound does not suit me even if it is a great amp.