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jrmguichard 08/11/2014

Vox AC4TVH : jrmguichard's user review

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4 Watts lamps to 16 ohms.
3 buttons: Mode (1 / 4w, 1w, 4w) - volume - tone
Very nice and light.


Very easy to use, you plug and play. The fact that there are three modes (1/4 Watts, 1 watt and 4 Watts) is nice except that even 1/4 watt way home it's still too loud (yes) and 4 watt is unfortunately too just play rock.


I tried it on two 4x12 cabinets: a Marshall 9690 anniversary and a Marshall 1960.
The clean sound is unusable with a drummer (except jazz can be) regardless of the baffle.
A low volume, clear sound very "hard" and unpleasant, you feel not at all the lights.
On the 9690 cabinet, with the volume and putting everything thoroughly we have a very slight crunch and hyper slamming without bass and unpleasant.
On the 1960, everything thoroughly, the crunch is really super nice and much less slamming. Only everything must be thoroughly and at home it is not possible and group volume is insufficient.


Go your way if you play rock.
Go your way if you want a clear sound.
Go your way if you want to play at home.
If you're not one of these three categories, go ahead.