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yoTrakkz 10/17/2011

Vox AC4TVH : yoTrakkz's user review

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The Vox AC4tvh is one GREAT little amp! I am absolutely blown away at how great it sounds straight out of the box. I'm using it with an American Deluxe Telecaster, and an open back cab with a single 12 in it. 4 watts is much louder then I thought it would be. Love the OP Level switch. Turn it down to 1 or 1/4 watt and you can get some great tone at home with out freaking out the neighbors. I plan to upgrade the tubes at some point, but all in all this a must buy for home studio owners or someone that wants great tone at a reasonable volume.


I have been recording at home on the 1 watt and 1/4 power levels and the sound im getting is something like a 5000 dollar stage rig. After warming it up for about 5 minutes, Im getting tone from this little AC4 and a squire "60's vibe" Stratocaster, (at low conversation volume) that is about equivalent to a 40 watt blackface fender after running hot half the night. unbelievable.


I wanted to be able to get some decent tone and sustain at lower volume levels, so I thought I would try this little VOX tube amp out. One thing that surprised me is the amount of volume that this little tube amp is capable producing. When you crank this amp up on 4 watts it can still easily aggravate your neighbors. I was even surprised at how loud it can get on just 1 watt of power .


I think this amp is definitely worth the money you pay for it because you can get some great sounds out of it with out blowing your ear drums out or having the neighbors calling the police on you. Try this out, you wont be disappointed.