Damage Control Demonizer
Damage Control Demonizer

Demonizer, Tube Guitar Preamp from Damage Control.


Damage Control Demonizer : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
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See previous opinion


I'll just leave a global opinion on this preamp module because it seems to me that all the other fields has been said by Mr. Kinder Guano.

First we must admit that demonize is a very well targeted a marketing point of view. On paper this preamp was exactly what I wanted. Las digital simulators that produce a clean sound okay but I distos synthetic in search of big sound! And then I fall on DAMAGE CONTROL demonize. Just the name caused a tingling sensation throughout the body. Was this the beginning of a long love between demonize me and I had to hand the ultimate weapon of the guitarist from Death / Black / Thrash who wants to sound the death without breaking the bank?
Pre and post EQ, tube preamp, compressor, simulation of HP! Everything is there to offer something of great ...
But his feelings were hopeful before the tragedy, before I try demonize the ... You, young man who did not believe Kinder Guano, I warn. Everything he says is true.
Let's talk about what interests us: the large distortion that spot. The sound is feeble and for one who spits a minimum distortion is all bottom: gain in depth, volume thoroughly, thoroughly compressor, eq and boost switched dug ... There was a gain just enough but suddenly any more dynamics and a grain of shit.
2 positives though: the compressor which seemed fairly transparent and simulation of HP to be forgotten. It's lean When weighing the pros and cons. Especially since the gear is not cheap: € 400 for one channel tube preamp: it's expensive.
There are alternatives at prices more or less neighbors who are more successful.
-Numerical modeling (not great but better)
-A distortion pedal (like Metal Muff which is fine), a small preamp and a simulation (Palmer PDI-09 which is great for under 100 €)
A-kind ENGL 530 preamp.