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charly700 01/26/2005

ENGL E430 Tube Toner : charly700's user review


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Trs complete.


Trs easy to use


Everything is good.

Trs clear sound clear.

Crunch for Blues

It can be a lot of gain saturation. Covient good for metal and hard rock.

Outputs wedges for efficient trs recording


Weakness: Difference in level between saturated and clear channel. The master of channel 1 does not Ragit del mid - race.

Trsgnant if you use the pramp alone. This problem rpertori silent in a test of guitar magazine.

Correctable in combination with a multi purpose noon. Ex: on my boss gt3 pdalier I program for clean sounds up a few db on qualiser and the case is played. as pdalier is noon, the changes are instantly and hassle free.

Flight must be in a possder knowingly so and have adapted matril.