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Skany-Esperanza 08/18/2004

ENGL E430 Tube Toner : Skany-Esperanza's user review


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Prampli 4 channels Clean / Crunch / Lead Soft / Heavy Lead channel with a bypass switch and a change of bank noon.
10w Intgr small amplifier for connecting directly to a speaker and low volume game.
Between a jack / 1 output type instrument, an output Send (FX Loop), Stereo Output classic output with frquances compensation / output pin twelve o'clock 1 std / 1 headphone / HP.
Rglages: Gain and volume clean (+ bright switch) / gain volume and lead / Equ three broad bands (Low / Medium / High) / Master Clean / Lead Master.


Trs simple to use, it s'avre trs effective! The equ trs is effective too! It corrects the sound prcisment trs. You can dig the sound in the medium cutta, you still maintain a prsence brilliant!
We understand the principle of trs fast gear and we are dealing in the high-end hardware! As for the manual, it is prcis, but must include a minimum plug the musical!
Immediately ENGL sound throughout its range!


I play rock metal mlodique! It should be good at this style trs. I bought a zikos blues / rock. Apparently, it should all genres.
Connect you: ENGL sound! Clean and clear sound that triggers the lens of bright! For crunch, it is bitter, though dynamic and clean! The soft lead trs sounds rock! For good rhythm and snarling prcises! As for the Heavy Lead, it offers highly salient and prcis solos, riffs pchus pr a big metal!
Loop effects are well trs sound pramp. It does not color the sound.
I played on the head Savage 120, I sold to buy this pramp with a good combo. Each ear, but the it sounds really good and everyone in my house and agreement. I play on a Steve Vai and a Stra Malmsteem. It sounds crazy. The Tagus power is my Rivera M60 combo. Sound crazy.


I use it for some years. Lead sound is really excellent and clearly worthy of the greatest!
Very practical and professional use. I use a G-Force-loop branch, headed by Section noon! Carrment standard! In short, if I had to do it again, it would be without hsiter.
I claim pr finance a record because I made a deal with a brand that gives me the hardware so I scratched money as possible.
Voil AIM I do not put it on sale, especially given its rarity.