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sorgen  :shoot: 06/01/2005

Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKI : sorgen :shoot:'s user review


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Pramp guitar lamp (one 12AX7)
A master, a knob to select channels, a TREB, mid, bass & a gain,
4 channels (Jazz, Funk, Blues & Rock)
A Red Box intgre for exit,
1 input, 3 outputs (to Guitar Amp, and to PowerAmp To Mixer)
A switch to enable or disable the preamp.

Cest very simple and basic but not too good this doriginalit pramp adj few years and replaced by the t TubeMan 2nd generations.


2 uses:
- In a guitar amp for RPET and home (a Laney HCM15)
- Live on a console for the night.

Not very practical in concert for there is no switch to turn on the channel DIFFERENT. Not to mention that the volume changes a lot depending on the channel (which is logical given as the Difference of gain).


With regard to the sound of Laney:
Jazz: Its nice clear and warm, it lacks a rverbe.
Funk: The most slamming, Naime I too this kind of sound but its not trs goal cest got a question, I all the same the User to play few pieces of Reggae with Wha
Blues has become the good. Pushed a little on the gain, we did a good rock, Angus Young did that well to keep the Blues AC / DC cest really great, never heard a crunch jai so convincing.
Rock: the distortion is the grain of Lampl (which I do not drang) a big rock sounds trs trs gain was 5 and 8 sounds with trs Trash trs a grain similar to Slayer finally Lampl has a lot to a rgal

When this is bte branch directly to a console:
The clean sounds (Jazz Funk) are fairly close rendering of the branch pramp Lampl, and then ntant not a big fan of crystalline sounds, I dont try too hard either
Blues: the rendering is quite similar to that of Lampl but with less gain (which is the console), damage, but still sounds terrible.
Rock: the grain is totally DIFFERENT from what comes out of Lampl but also exploitable, there is also a decrease in gain but to play the Scorpions or Gunsnroses cest perfect.

In incidental, jOperation just jazz channel (clean sound) with the gain between 4 and 5 and a few pedals (a Boss PW-2 for distortion and a Cry Baby). Its a nice config, easy win but I lack just a delay and a chorus for a wider range of sounds.


Lai I had a few weeks ago for 110 euros doccasion, very cheap for a pramp lamp.
The sounds are his strong point, they are terrible and you can really do anything with this pramp, it is super versatile.
I found a warmth I Navais not with my Vamp Pro but it did not sound pramp too extreme
Only default, select the channel really not practical (with a knob!) And lacks a rverbe (and I'm quibbling)

Basically, a good pramp, cheap Docce, which surprises with its sounds really terrible.
I think all the same to change the lamp for a Sovtek davoir history a little more gain but without changing anything but good dj EST
I would a thousand times that choice.