Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp
Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp

Rectifier Recording Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from Mesa Boogie.

doodb 06/04/2007

Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp : doodb's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
I will not repeat what has already been said. I put 8 because I think there is everything you need in terms of sound but a canal would have been more practical


The use could not be simpler: we choose the channel you select the mode, turn the knobs and the sound comes alone.
Personal I was very scared at first because I read everywhere that the mesa were very hard to solve and quite frankly I do not agree for two reasons:
"I had a very clear idea of ​​his that I wanted and it was found one hour
-All sounds are good (a requirement to love the grain mesa) so it is a priori not difficult to find a sound that appeals
I, for one, was fortunate to have the french manual. clearly goes straight to the point, and explains in detail the possibilities of the beast.
bulk of the score nothing wrong so I put 10


I bought this preamp for a very bold his death (at the nile, cannibal corpse), the sound has a dream theater, and a clean mind in the fender. and frankly there is no deception on the goods. I have the sound is one I voullais, and yet I put him in the ass a marshall 9200 and everyone said that There's more .... I have a cabinet for the Marshall 1960 (4x12) in v30, and a mesa 2x12 correct (in v30)
More in details:
It is super clean and really kind Rican fender twin in the mind (to be heard in the studio to repeat ...). it lacks can be a bit of momentum compared to the fender (but in my case it is also can be my Poweramp)
Them are our wonderful crunch exactly what I wanted to type a good blues roots and dark. you can also type in tones more in the spirit goes pink floyd tt ca alone.
-Saturations are very dark and furious, in contrast to type in the extreme it can be a lack nothing gain. my solution (which is the same as that of loomis nevermore) is put forward (just after the guitar) a little overdirve very light. the grain is not changed by against sound may be slightly compressed, but gives away the bulk of his large, dark nag.

well basically I etter 10 because it does exactly the job that I buy, however, a small disappointment all the same: I can not find the surgical precision of my tube preamp engl E580 or gain celuici. but being careful to treat his game more and putting on that famous overdrive came to win what we want


Very very good stuff, the very high quality !!!!! I paid for mine ocaz in perfect condition € 780 and that price is a great deal. against nine for the price is, in my opinion, prohibitive! it is too expensive for what it is. However, all the sounds and patterns are fully exploited, this product is perfect if you know why they buy it. coming of the planet when I have a little engl on my hunger in terms of precision ... but hey my grateux voullais I play on the mesa and frankly after testing, it does not bother me too much.
I put 8 as objectively as it's great stuff but it is very expensive for what it is if you buy nine (twelve o'clock is not a product all the same!)

small edit: I told him now added a mesa boogie from 2:90 qqs months and frankly it day and night with the marshall. I can not say that Marshall was wrong but Poweramp 2:90 bcp more suitable to my style (darker with a lot of bass and dynamics). basically, whatever the purists who say that only allows for 2:100 sound correct, for my part I have the same sound with a dual ....