Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp
Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp

Rectifier Recording Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from Mesa Boogie.

Kida 03/29/2004

Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp : Kida's user review


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Well I'm going to brief on this, the interest is the sound ...

is a 2u rack, very strong, based on the techno lights .. yen to 6.

Saturated 3 Channel, 3 channel cahques clear to his own master and equ
boton for a bright clear sound

output recording: Metter to direct a mixing desk, or your sound card ...
output live: ..


Ben will not be easier


Ben is a clear top, very clean, with the presence, in short it's a very alive, very light ....

the distorted sounds are very hard to enrgistrer in rhythm as very aggressive .. it's gross gross
fo to be careful to not put too much gain, if not, well the room is cool .. ok .. but even hard ca ca registration boiled ....... it's really hard to master .. ... I say that seeing is not a pod .... the sound is raw fo rework, for it is against life, hotter, denser ... in short it is the element to master I admit it does not yet have arrived ....

at the guitar, the chords sound the death !!!!!!!!, very defined, very harmonically rich .. it's beautiful

where it is the drip pan in rhythmic style Stratovarius, ect .... malamsteen or a parasite to a pti Bzzzz which is always present is that makes the game unsuitable !!!!!

solo, very good, the sound is brilliant, very far, dense, hot short ... I love it life with a brief delay is magic .. pti is the purpose of em ... I edit cete 've found a really top lead sound (channel vintage trebble 11 h, 12 h mid, bass 9am gain between 15h and 18 h, 9 h presence) and the pt1 ... it sounds, I also have a PODXT .. I n'utilsé over this preamp for months ... it's the slap, the revelation ... and I said I use it live soon .. pt1 mp3

its going to clear itself in engegistrement .. easy;)


It's been yn peus a year since I have it, a lot .... only jl'aime ik ben recording sounds saturated ryhtmqiue a little hard to manage .. to play live ...... . ben love !!!!!!
the price is dear dear !!!!!!!!, HOnet ca does not apply .... You just have to be passionate and somewhat tainted like me;)

I can not tell you that I watch it every night before going to bed;)

@ + And good scratch