Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp
Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp

Rectifier Recording Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from Mesa Boogie.

incry 05/28/2006

Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp : incry's user review


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Prampli two rack units, lamps (six 12AX7). Output connectors for all uses (STREO recording, live STREO output to power amp, effects loop with send and return to mono in STREO. Plus 2 CONTRL taken to switch channels and solo and finally the modern output (corrected) for use with the power amp 2:100.
But you can also use this preamp with other amps puissance.J 'uses the 2:90 and I can assure you that admenage serious.
A SERIES of six knobs for the clean channel, same for the saturated channel. Each channel can take three types of sounds (clean, fat, brit, for clear, raw, came to the modern saturated.) Depending on the position of two switches).


The configuration of this machine is very simple, you get quick rev "sound".
This is not a multi-effect, it is a preamp that is done to obtain a clear transparent fluid and trs his own ... and a saturated: OH LA LA LA LA.
Beautiful, the sound is powerful and angry, the distortion of this jewelry will make you forget effects pedals or other simulators ...
This is all the lights, the heat is inimitable.
The manual is clear trs, Manir all, except for connectors: Is not needed.


For Mtal as the Rock, that is the top with the VHT valvulator.
Trs is versatile and can stick with any style of music.
I use it either with my Musicman Luke is with my PRS Custom and I can tell you that sends a grave.
The sounds are clear and clear Cretan trs own, from funk to blues, no problem.
The distorted sounds are poustouflants: Clean, standards, prcis ... A real rgal!
The slightest error impardonnable.Le sound is in the fingers first.
As you can see this machine is superb me because I 'is pass the time before being packed like it's all good stuff who respects himself: Do not forget IT There never bad stuff IT IS as bad workers ...


I use it for a year and a prs as well live "branch in Mesa 2:90 + G Force Mesa Rectifier cabinet a religious" in the studio: it's the ball! !
The particular feature I like most except the gain is its versatility:
- To save, live in consolle.Le sound is a neat amazing
- To obtain the two basic sounds that can search all: a clear sound and a fluid saturated the standard.
- The less is its weight ...
Report quality price: reasonable given the performance of the "machine.
I would do without this choice hsiter, Mesa Rack is better than all the heads I've heard (Marshall, Peavey, VHT?, Engl, Crate ...) because there is not a breath or a feedback when playing, even the stop (no need for noise gate). Who can say the same??
Tristan Carrasco.