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Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp
Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp
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Hawklord Hawklord
Publié le 10/17/04 à 12:14
Value For Money : Poor
Cest prampli a 2U rack, lamps (six 12AX7, we are far from ToneLab) with enough power to blow up a mixer (not yours but that of the ing sound and dnigre knows everything). Output connectors for all uses (STREO recording, live STREO output for amplifiers, effects loop with mono send and return STREO. Plus 2 taken to switch channels and solo CONTRL and finally the modern output (corrected) for use with the power amp 2:100 (it restores the correct track of the real)
The rglages are similar to the hair prs Dual heads for the part pramp. A SERIES of knob for clean channel, one for the channel saturated. Each channel can take three types of sounds (clean, fat, brit, for clear, raw, came to the modern sat.) Depending on the position of two switches).


For the guitarist who knows rgler an amp, no problem is the same. Mdaille return was only a rglage for his clear and another for the saturated and which are not always the same positions for Clean, fat, brit, raw, came above modern modern). No memory, noon, only the brain, the sheets of paper and mimine to change its (not a Triaxis) but there is no risk-taking head.

The manual is clear, but TRS in English. It is also the site tlchargeable msa:

More dlicat grate, the effects loop with a button on his line rglage 10 100% dry, placed on the rear face and therefore difficult to ACCS in a rack .


Bte connects with the mixer or (and) the sound card, you get the sound Msa, reassuring given the price. For versatility, IT IS's see the artists who play it. Certe mtal the extreme, there are better but it also gots dpend and portfolios. Remains the modern channel, output recording it is a correct simulation, a simulated ahead Pod XT, similar to a dual head but the galleries (the true and correct circuit 30 vintage ). on the other hand, it can easily record as long as it treats rglages (as in dual for that matter) and follow the rest of the stuff. Problem, the level of output in Modern Recording is lev than other channels and a ncessite SETTING THE volume. (I catches up with the preset SETTING THE G Major, which can also drive change channels).

To live out, it's the frustration. In fact, the doc says that for its correct, attach the bte a 2:100 power amp, just a! Must have the use ... Of course, you can put something else, the 20/20 and 50/50 in the simulation, the 2 / 90 with the connection but with modern sound DIFFERENT. All this is exploitable but for your staff (the original that can pay) and why not the VHT 50/50 ...

Too bad, because there is a choice between the simulation and the recording equivalent of two dual grinders Stereo or the trs fMeasure reasonable and complete, but nothing in between.

I use a G major between the output and recording mixer. This works best with the G Major in the effects loop. With this config, we apprcie pramp STREO with the pan and chorus effects. This type of multi-effects rack is truly a companion for pramp IDAL.


I use it for 9 months for home studio recording and for training in my room with mixer Yamaha MG 12 / 4 and enclosure monitoring Behringer Truth B2031. I am satisfied with TRS. To live, I do not know what to choose config. Any fawn, with my neighbors, a dual or triple head with cabinet, it n'tait not possible. In concert, I think it pramp directly link a good sound out a sound that few could galer Marshall head. This can be simple and effective.

Price lev mean wage of workers amricains trs motivated and construction standard for military field use (very strong hand lamps ...). If I do not vir VHT before, I would still be in 15 years.
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