Libertopanik 09/21/2012

Art TPS II : Libertopanik's user review

«  A good preamp Quality / Price »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I will not go on the characteristics of the Makeen more than it is already done by colleagues, so I'm just going to spread the use and the plus and minus of the beast.

So one lamp for 2 channels I am rather of access with the previous opinion it seems a little light to manage its qualitée several sources.

It is rather effective so when does one use on a single channel, so for an item Vocals, Guitar, Drums etc. 1 item ...

V3 gadget seems to me, because it brings nothing transcendent sound, personally I want a warm, not Equalisation.


Obvious to everyone, it is easier to use, nothing to say on branch, turn the gain and output and Olé ...

I think I spent more than a temp get my cable's market find how it ^ ^


I think qualitée sound is the most important point for us all.
T When you buy a preamp, the ART IPTi is for me concordence with qualitée based on its price. There is no miracle, but let's be frank and lucid 2 sec is the gear you buy a € 200 it will serve you to make your models in your home studio, so amateur quality between "" because if you are Professional, with the mega studio and you will use it to make a decision with his STING I understand that preamp or even selected to be part of the pack stuff.

Result the sound is more than adequate for 200 €. It is clean, neutral (OPL and V3) in neutral and especially we have quality lamp (if you change the original lamp) Made in China, good for JJ singing or an instrument for EHX (that's my personal taste) after everything is relative. But at the cost of a lamp made tests and choose the one that suits you best.

Balance I put 9 because the quality is not perfect but for 200 € it does.


In the end, I'm pretty satisfied with the ART TPS II because it is intermediate between the small gear is 90 € which is a good gadget and preamp that cost the skin of the buttocks.

+ Easy to use
+ Is all part of a food fantom preamp, invert phase, the lamp ect ... for a good price
+ Simple lamp change (accessible very easily)

- Connectivity cheap is not neutric
- Bcp gadget, the V3 and small loupiote that light up the lamp????

My review: occasse bought € 100 + lamp quality has changed ben € 17 I like it.