Bruxo 08/09/2006

Art TPS II : Bruxo's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Two-channel tube preamp.

48 V
Output limiter (that's good)
Presets suitable for several types of instruments or voice (in fact, rule that the spectrum or the lamp will act as)
and a little more definitely increasing its flexibility, it has an impedance, which means that you send to your microphone exactly the load it needs (from 150ohm to 3KoHm), no more no less. No gadget at all!
It can also be used as DI (stereo and more)


Manuel clear (English)
hyper editing easy (it's just a preamp ...)


Great sound quality for a tube preamp in that price.
The sound has the body supplied by the lamp, are silky treble, bass have the body, a little too much midrange (but really just a little ..) for voice I did not even need equalizer in the making and not after. It has a small stain but completely pleasant, very pretty. That said, if you do not want color, you set it to "Neutral" and you use only the part transistor, transparente.C is the own!
It is very very quiet this amp, even when using the lamp. You really turn up the gain very high to begin hearing the blast, which is normal even in Avalon!


I think I like it. Especially the sound, robust construction for stage or studio.
Of course, if I compare it to the Joemeek TwinQ which is great (the TwinQ has a compressor and an equalizer and more ...) the TPSII has fewer options, but they have the same price either ...
The value for money is excellent, less than a BlueTube and much more flexible. The sound of art is better than the BlueTube.
I think that choice again, if I do not always win the lottery ... The day I would win by against, it's on I'll make a visit to the factory Manley ... ;-)

Well ... Here's a little update: Everything is fine, but ... trying to connect two different sources, a kind of microphone to channel 1 and an electroacoustic guitar on channel 2: While you have the presets of the lamp (the famous V3) setting them differently for each channel and ... why it does not sound so when there is only one source connected? the answer is simple: is there a single lamp inside the unit! model and must do something and its opposite when asked to address two concerns at once! The ART disappoints me ... we were on the verge of something very good, and voila, the penny wise and pound foolish to market demands ... So I see my note: a lamp for two channels, so I also halved, my score was 10 and now 5. I really need to win the lottery ... ahhhh Manley, Manley, what do you make me fantasize!

ps: the sites of retailers, they announced two lamps for this unit. They should read the specifications for real technical stuff they sell ...