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Art Tube PAC
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miconmac 07/29/2008

Art Tube PAC : miconmac's user review


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It is a transistor preamp together with a pair of lamps that are essentially "tamper with" the sound.
Nothing to do with a real prampli lamp, but it is a tool that can perform certain services as a compressor "low-fi"
input / output XLR and TRS, 48v power: it is fairly complete
A half-rack, "AC intgre: it is convenient
Trs trs robust: it can carry around live carefree
Tration maximum 60dB of gain, but in fact its not too 35dB noise so it's quite short in gain "clean" function adds 20 dB of noise normment


Simple, once you pig principle:
the concept of TubePac is to apply the compression of natural lighting to affect the dynamics of sound
In the levels of overdose, even in by-passing the compressor module, we obtain easily a signal that crtage s'avre practice to treat certain sources.
IDAL in, try to use it with all the little knobs prs noon ensuring the LEDs to light "warm"
avoid having to hire the function 20 dB (too noisy) and therefore prfrer attack with a signal strong enough


It is the weak point of TubePac: the sound that emerges is imprcis, soft, darkened ...
It's perfect if you do not fear PForm the original sound and if we look a the "CRC"
Use basic preamp, it is significantly worse than the circuit Onyx (compared to a standard preamp circuit)
It is not forcment worse than the mixer preamps trs low-cost, with the advantage of round sound
But the more we try to "round" and you lose articulation and DEFINITIONS

I tried to use it just like a compressor condenser microphone "correct" as an insert on Mackie Satellite interface: it does not sound much and DGRAD
Must therefore have good reasons (table mix really low-end microphone with large peaks in bp) for the registration will integrate its chain


In-home studio, is the kind of tool that is quite frustrating as it can use some rgler problem but at the cost of its dtrioration important. On a low-cost condenser mic like the SC1100 the TubePac will allow to erase the peaks and modulation to optimize the recording level. On this type of microphone, it will almost as much the case that pramp six times as much.
But the IDAL Obviously, it would be able to do without ...

In fact, I use it only on scne to tweak the sound of my folk who is too clean to the rhythm: it allows me to get a more 60's or carrment "low-fi" ...
To avoid having a sound too "dull", I begins with a comp that enhances the brightness of the folk ( , ProductID, 40709.html (,idproduit,40709.html ) )
The TubePac can render good service but there are solutions Obviously much more effective and infinitely more musical (and much more Chres). But as we have not the means to forcment metttre pramp or a comp of quality for each source, a compromise can be TubePac "honorable" ... waiting ...