Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC200
Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC200

Tube Ultragain MIC200, Tube Pre-amp from Behringer in the Ultragain series.

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mustaine666 02/22/2005

Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC200 : mustaine666's user review


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No effect here. This is rhausser the sound of a microphone jack electrostatic or acoustic instrument such as (then used as a luxurious box direct). The only treatment available is its prsence a lamp and the possibility of adding the "heat" your sound (for use with modration cons).
Connectors with XLR or jack, and two outputs simultaneously.
The bare minimum.


The use of this device is no longer simple. Just Necessary for rglages: level of input and output. Gnial The trick is to see the possibility of a direct viewmetre, the volume of the sound (and thus avoid the ridges). The prrglages (for voice, guitars ...) are trying, not always meet the adviser rglages default, there are diffrent colors of his position and each c is you ... The position with the "limiteru" are interested, has worked well. For my part, I never pushed the pots of levels del half. Ample and not breathing! branch live on my PC, it's nickel. The phantom power can be very useful for mircos (normal you might say). Terrible thing, too, is the possibility of couepr the low frequencies. You will be able to beat the time with your foot without the micro saves, good!
Forgets I?? phase inverter can If you're using multiple mics at the same time, the rgler bp different.
The manual is succinct trs but at the same time, there is not need more. We must try (even when there is 3 buttons, so do not push it either!)


Trs good quality sound at home. I use it live on my PC (Audigy sound card with PLATINUIM rack connectors). I have no breath. The button to cut the low frequencies coupled to the filter on my Submitted condenser microphone lets me not having a blast and noise indsirable. This box Fully meets its mission. The lamp is not always useful and even sometimes helps to give too much fullness or heat (its too deaf, trs not clear) but fortunately, a button will have a neutral sound if desired DIFFERENT prrglages and get completly different intensities.
Also, I use it away from my trs microphone and the housing does not make noise. was used to have on hand to view and be able to viewmetre rglages the door.


I for a month.
Trs satisfied with this unit. It in no way n'altre sound (exept the possibility to give more heat but is not really an effect in itself) and is even trs respectful of that. No breath, no noise ... for the price, what more?? For me it is a basic tool that does its job properly. APRS for more treatment of his functions, is trouner to something else, here it is only the minimum Sticta: Prampli. I prfre record the natural sound and process it to Cubase APRS. So the effects and plug-ins, it's not a missing and for me Rampla Behringer Fully function. I Rasht without hsiter and I advise all those not holding a consquent or who do not treat their source and require only a simple pramp ;)