Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100
Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100

Tube Ultragain MIC100, Tube Pre-amp from Behringer in the Ultragain series.

Couec 03/23/2007

Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100 : Couec's user review


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Using Ultra-simple, perfect for the neophyte, as the pro.
The sound tube is always enjoyable. I change the lamp Sovtek 12AX7LPS (ECC83), (incidentally very correct) that this preamp original team, against a rare ECC803S TELEFUNKEN, the ca gives impetus and gain on the voice.


I made double use of this preamp:

1. Preamplifier for my B42 Melodium, but the problem input impedance of the preamp is 1 Mohm is far too high for Melodium which has an impedance of 50 ohms, if a pipe qq!? or I'll hack the entrance to the preamp with a set of resistance.


2. I use 78's acoustic before 1925, on a plate which KoolSound nicely with a Shure M78S, sound recordings before 1925 had no correction, as to who the RIAA was created for LPs in 1953, and 78 rpm records from 1925 to 1953 Electric had a correction, which differs according to the editors and years, a hundred different corrections!
So I associate the linear tube preamp + a + ADC equalizer studio denoiser (DNR)
It gives a convincing result!


If not for the price nothing to say! after all depends on the use made of it.

If you have ideas, I'm interested!