Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100
Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100

Tube Ultragain MIC100, Tube Pre-amp from Behringer in the Ultragain series.

dubsoniq 03/18/2006

Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100 : dubsoniq's user review


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This is a prampli lamp (12AX7) trs simple.
A gain knob, a volume knob and basta.
Some slecteurs: high impdance, fantme 48V power, phase reverse, limiter.
A saw-nitre basic constitution of 8 LEDs.
1 analog input jack or XLR 6.35 mm.
2 analog outputs can be used at the same time, 6.35 mm jack and XLR.
It is a compact and autonomous which is not intended to be mounted in a rack.

It's simple, intuitive, it works.


There is not really need a manual but it is more than enough.
The rglages are trs simple: just turn up the gain while monitoring a saturation possibly using leds green, orange and red (classic). The output volume is adapted according to the gear which is what derrire prampli.
Ultra-simple really.

A small regret: a saw-nitre latrale situ on the face and not on the face of suprieure Casing prfrable t have to be able to see the level of by far (I play several meters of prampli).


I did some quick tests on voice and acoustic guitar, using a condenser microphone: sound is trs Fidler, clean and warm plutt.

- Gain between 60% and 70%, 50% volume, I found the texture of my guitar with a nice range and roundness. The rhythmic trs go well, the sound is robust without being too heavy.

- Gain 75%, 50% volume: it was round and a lot of saturation in the low lgre on the voice. The blues of my guitar solos are superb.

In both cases, not a pet of breath. A real heat and grain. A lack of brightness is emphasized: the sound spectrum is somewhat diminished in agus, but it may be to my microphone.
For cons, the limiter tends stifle the sound, avoid.


I bought it today, even I have no regrets.
I use it to record acoustic instruments (guitar, violin) with the following configuration:

condenser microphone T-Bone SC400 => Tube Mic Ultragain 100 => PC Card => Cubase SX

In short, as "low-end" cheap but a report qualitprix unbeatable.

Rsultat: I get a real acoustic sound, with heat, some prsence and grain, Fidler and clean (no breath, no cracking). Without touching the EQ and effects, it is good. Not at the same level as a professional studio, although sr.

The report qualitprix is ​​amazing, I do not understand some opinions prcdement destructive read: either there was a manufacturing default, the string sound is silent Designed wrong. But in my case, for recording acoustic instruments in my home studio, great!

I put next to the 10/10 prize: one should not expect Rolls for 60 ...