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Old World Kaos 06/20/2008

DigiTech VTP-1 : Old World Kaos's user review


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Manufactured for digitech by IVL technologies, is a High voltage mic tube pre amp, line level input, 4 band Eq, spdif and AES/EBU digital out at 18 bit 44k or 48k user selected, low cut, 20db pad, phase, and 48v phantom power, analog rms meter. Does a real good job warming things up. Nice OD is achieved using input and output gain knobs. Insert points are handy too. 2 rack space is needed for the massive power transformers. EQ is switchable to A/B adjustments. Clip meter is helpful to reproduce OD on things like snare and certain vocal sounds to imitate that vintage edge. Line level inpust are not good for instrument applications such as non-active bass and guitar.


Simple to use and better results than the sub $75.00 low voltage stand alones.


Good sound quality. Does not color the sound unless you add gain. Slightly overdriving a top snare mic or vocal really brings details out and adds a harmonic quality like a good old fender guitar amp does for guitars.


Great value for price. I've had this for over 10 years and paid retail. Find one used for a lot cheaper. I've used it in live FOH mixing, tracking, mastering, between pods/sans amps and DAWs. Very rugged and reliable. Would buy another to add more tube front end to my DAW. I like scooping the 2 bands of sweepable mids on vocals and kick drums. Replaced the stock tubes with EI 12ax7.