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bandini 12/28/2003

DigiTech VTP-1 : bandini's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The VTP-1 is a 2 channel pramplis lamp 2U rack
On each channel there are four qualisations, including two semi-paramtrique (50hz/3.2khz & 500hz/18khz)
A 75 Hz low-cut
1 pad of 20 db
A 48v phantom
A phase inversion.
In connection there is one for each channel between mic XLR,
Between a line jack or XLR, 1 output jack or XLR, 1 loop send / return.
And there is a digital output S / PDIF AES / EBU, in 44.1 or 48 kHz. Small flat converters are 18 bit only. But you can use simultanment analog outputs & digital.
I put 8 for converters ...


The config could not be simpler, the knobs in faad, derrire connectivity, logical.
The rglage are very easy, hop triturated gain and trim to add the color that you DSIR, we look at the meters on the level, yammer a red LED to indicate of possibly clip, a little kick eq and hop we are left with the sound appropriate. Not rocket science.
For the manual I do not know I've never had in my hands.


I had the opportunity to see what the VTP-1 gives a Fender Rhodes, and of a sound! He brings a gentle heat & a velvety prsence. A rgal!
I also tried it with an AKG C-414 & AT-4033 on a vote, it's all good!
This is not transparant prampli, the intrt not her, there is a color, it is clear, just a lamp!


I use my home for several months, I had a studio in Discoveries RPET o I made dernire year recorded, and then I fall on one occasion when I cracked knowingly.
I had the opportunity to use a Symetrix 528, the comparison does not really intrt, as they are really not the same type of sound.
On occasion it is a good value quality price trs (I do not think it is still new). It is quite rare and little known elsewhere.
It's not upscale, it is clear, but it is more than satisfactory, I think it's an alternative to srieuse BLUETUBE & co and even if it is a bit more expensive it is largely justified srieux of this cam!
<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>With this choice you exprience referrer?</span> We'll talk about in 10 years!