PreSonus TubePre
PreSonus TubePre

TubePre, Tube Pre-amp from PreSonus.

zuzu62 07/14/2010

PreSonus TubePre : zuzu62's user review

«  great value for money »

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Value For Money : Excellent
transistor preamp lamp


super simple
the manual is almost incidental


given the price it really changes the sound of my guitar and bass taken
it adds a je ne sais quoi of mieu warmer dynamic
cons for the determination of gain and drive should be done sparingly if ^ ave it quickly becomes unusable broullon but thanks to the LED and the light meter we arrive at what is seen. c on sound super clear and very well on a saturation in terms of price. I also change the Mullard 12AX7 for a (not our) and it magnifies the sound, c either but not drastic c mieu c clear. the sound is more clean singing least this effect at the bottom of spray decourse c exmloitable more
soil with a tung c dynamic ave a little less compression c nice too
I'll try a dd gold, a gold and a pe ei or another to show our


excellent price for me to c my first recording preamp and c super
frankly happy
My only regret is that c can not really push the gain or drive without it becoming too disgusting ms to 70 euro OCCAZ ....
very well for a small budget