PreSonus BlueTube DP
PreSonus BlueTube DP

BlueTube DP, Tube Pre-amp from PreSonus.

Vlad-Drac 03/31/2005

PreSonus BlueTube DP : Vlad-Drac's user review


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I refer to the manufacturer's website ... otherwise I would say it has all the functions ncessaires (for the price anyway)


The use could not be easier!


That's the the problem! in making this purchase, I wanted a small prampli that brings me more over pramps of my current sound card. Given that advice taient rather good on the old MODEL BLUETUBE and for the price, I started!
I launched into a SERIES of tests .... and big surprise! Gain too low, and a lamp that does nothing if not a saturation trsdsagrable ...
There was talk of a certain color bcp Pronone enough for BLUETUBE ... but nothing .... Trs transparency really sad ...
Conclusion: Following my comparison tests, the pramp my sound card is a reserve of a well suprieure gain and a color and a strong dynamic enjoyable ... regarding the RFP, is quite the opposite!
As you can see! A big dception!


My goal is not to fall EmS a product but rather to avoid future buyer to plant them in their choices! Indeed, for 199, it does its job, period. Do not buy this product for amliorer or provide a color your sound, it's not his job! I recommend people who have a sound card without pramp and do not want to buy a mixing desk, etc. ....