Ridge Farm The Gas Cooker
Ridge Farm The Gas Cooker

The Gas Cooker, Tube Pre-amp from Ridge Farm.

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Pik1 11/28/2004

Ridge Farm The Gas Cooker : Pik1's user review


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One of the only stereo tube DI market. dual mic preamps. Yet unknown is a real cult object in England. his name just because the front there are two enormous rotary used to adjust levels and these are the same rotation as well as on gas cookers for 60 years. the format is not standard: 2 / 3 rack width and height of 1.5U. look super class: deep green, decorated with a logo emblazoned RECALLING the English school uniforms. we like it or not. but it is classy and very successful. the unit is very solid and well built. the covers are thick with beacoup ventilation, it is also based on 4 pieds.connectique Neutrik, metal contact switches or high quality. is made to last. you can go with a truck over 2 input and 2 output XLR output jack 2


Innovation: 3 lamps that enhance the incoming signal of even harmonics, all in connection with an adjustable input level, it does not exist on a DI.


The sound of this object is no longer a prouvé.tous the intrusion is respected. the bass is present and soft and sweet are acute. the power supply is stable, the gain comfortable. Unfortunately, when used preamp lacks many functions


+: One of the only DI stéréro lamps, look, robust construction, performance audio, sound quality, use on a console insert
-: Lack of function of the preamp frustrating, no level indicator on the preamp section

I put 8 because of the preamp, some méteron 9, see 10! It's personal, but I think it's serious damage
It costs around € 1400