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  • Numark TT1650

    Numark TT1650 - " N not buy!"


    Used to replace one of my mk2 review. I have two mk2, I also had 2 ttx, 2 stanton str8-80, 2 vestax pdx 2300 .... This board for listening to mix ok but this is misery. The plate made toy, not stable plateau, the same pitch I'm not talking! T…

  • img Stage Line DJP-202

    img Stage Line DJP-202 - " good mechanical base to form a stereo system"


    I use it occasionally, never had a problem with. I had another one before, but it was a little cheap and not especially direct training. could hear the shock in the headphone if the drive is knocked. . It is quite heavy and very stable, better …

  • Numark TT500

    Numark TT500 - " Farewell technics"


    I use it for over a year bought OCCAZ. I have not tested other models before. All is well in this deck, it all what a technics with better torque and a pitch that goes to 50. Its only flaw is ... she is UGLY!! but hey, who cares a little I wo…

  • Technics SL-1200 MK2

    Technics SL-1200 MK2 - " Classic unbeatable."


    Touted as an industry standard, it deserves. Tough, durable, accurate, since it is more than 15 years that I own. When your thread breaks it is easily possible to change the parts are very available on the market is that there are better ... I would …

  • Vestax PDX-A2 Mk2

    Vestax PDX-A2 Mk2 - " Beefy as classic a2"


    it's tough, it skips not a hair without weight settle against the background even on a medium that moves. The pitch is specific to wedge sounds Simply brilliant, aesthetics throws, they are really beautiful ... for they are perfect turtablis 10…

  • Barthe Rotofluid

    Barthe Rotofluid - " Rugged indestructible"


    J have used this board in the 80 local radio, run it 10 hours a day and it last for 15 years without any problems …

  • Gemini DJ SA-600 II

    Gemini DJ SA-600 II - " Bargain!"


    I just bought these plates used (almost new, complete with original boxes), a small batch that I got for 150 € including these two turntables, a mixer (Gemini UMX-5), a pair of Ortofon OM Pro S cells mounted on the decks and a new identical pair. …

  • Numark TT500

    Numark TT500 - " it does a good job for the price"


    on this deck I like torque, adjustable pitch to 8/25/50%, the fact that it is of good enough quality, the tray pops too, I do not like is that there's little authenticity in the item we see that this is just a stage and although it is very powerfu…

  • Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USBC

    Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USBC - " Good, but ..."


    I just acquired. Very close to the SL 1200 MK2 (at least apparently) Supplied with AT95, good quality / price ratio cell. Made in China Problem of ringing in my speakers when plug usb on my computer. Someone has an idea? …

  • Gemini DJ XL-1800Q II

    Gemini DJ XL-1800Q II - happyfanz's review


    I have since its release so its been a long time already. c was not my first pair of platinum. c al time was well al the time limit was NIOHC bst technics Gemini or, to say it is still running just to slam my fingers in 2011.pour the price o…