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Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX

Thread Really quite urgent about sound blaster audigy NX

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1 Really quite urgent about sound blaster audigy NX
Hi, looking for a soundcard for recording acoustic guitar/vocals on my laptop. Basically I can't afford more than say £120 so is the SB Audigy 2 NX a viable option? I know it's built for games but I can't find a soundcard built for recording within my price range.
I'm using an AKG D870 mic for guitar and vocals and need a soundcard for USB connection.
Basically will the SB Audigy 2 NX do a reasonable job as a recording soundcard or would it be absolutely terrible?

Thanks for any advice...

I bought an audigy nx and it didn't have the ability to customize the eax settings, so I made a program to change them. This may work for the MP3+ too, not sure.

UPDATE: The site has moved. It is now
the site is at http://metawire.org/%7Enomel/eax_hack

Have fun!

(changed url)
I didn't mean to put that on this forum...sorry.

my REAL reply is, it should work great.

It has 96KHz 24 bit ADC's, which will give you a MUCH higher bandwidth than your guitar will ever be able to make.

Don't see any SNR numbers for the mic input, but doing a little test myself with some headphones on my head used as a mic (hey, it was convenient), with the mic volume all the way up (on soundcard and in windows recording levels), I get noise peaks at -42dB, with the bulk of it stopping around -47dB. Taking an RMS value with my eyes, I would say -50dB most of the time. This is far from ideal since the impedance is probably off, the headphones are hot from just being played, and there's noise comming through the window. Also, I'm sitting by my half taken apart laptop, and when i move closer, the noise goes up, so, electrical interference is involved too :) Ideally, you would probably want a resistor terminating the input.

btw, you can't record noise with nothing plugged into the mic input, the ADC's get muted after a stream of 16 0's or something like that.

Hope this helps.
get a DI box, plug your guitar into it and from the DI to the pre amp.
An electric guitar on the output has about 10.000 ohm, a DI converts this into 600 ohm. THis will probably solve the problem.
chris at www.tsunamimusic.be
To Nomel,

Hello my friend I am glad to see, one clever man, who whish to correct some of the creative non-compliance in driver creation and stupidness of their engineers.
Yes I am talking about Creative Audigy 2 NX, I am very disappoint with this product I will count you in my order some of the things:
1. Audigy 2 nx has to low sound output, but I must say I had creative previous cards like sb16,sb128,live,live5.1 and then Audigy 2nx and this is old creative problem with low output level.
2. Sound is very distorted on high levels and I cant even think to level-up bass because I cant stand sound with high amount of distortions.
3.There is no support for Bass and treble, like we have on other Creative cards, except on some models based on some ess chips,some of sb128 variants.
4.Equalizer support is catastrophic, there is only support for 125,250,500,1k,2k,4k and 8k I can only say 125 and 250 are useless in + mode because of high distortion and I cant control treble over 8k.
5.Eax effects are separate story, you told some of the story but I can only say without manual control and with this amount of distortion, with some of the effects on, its useless, I tried your way to open custom but I didn't succeed.
6.CMSS, without manual control is useless because of high distortion in sound when its on, and we dont have manuall control for this effect.
7.Driver is very bad, its gross and lumpish, I am talking about moronically written, some or whole part of the driver, (rundll32.exe and rest of the ****s, sorry on my language) its very slow, system disturbing, it knows to eat-up system resources, there are cpu hogs on some basic audigy2nx operations, there are sometimes sound cracklings in sound on high i/o and more, many more things.

Can you tell me do you know how can I manipulate manually in registry with some of creative settings, like boosting sound level over the limits of the driver, manually reducing CMMS to the desire levels and everything you can imagine about manual manipulation in sound control.

Best Regards, Lucky
Don't fonk around with USB cards when you're making music.ASIO is the best deal.And Creative fooled everyone into buying their product for years and they knew it was faulty.Then they took the money they fooled people with and invested it into ASIO.All that wasted money that so many people gave out.And all those raving reviews they got.They had the whole Europe pissed off.Get a soundcard that has as many inputs and outputs as you can afford.(ASIO!)Cause once you get off that go-cart,you gonna wanna ride a rollercoaster.
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