E-MU 0202 USB
E-MU 0202 USB

0202 USB, USB audio interface from E-MU.

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erazore 10/10/2013

E-MU 0202 USB : erazore's user review

«  To me good starting map »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Then I summarize for those who have problems with this card ... for me it works fine in win7 64bit should be with my experience:
1) disable the device manager the USB line or USB hub to allow the device to suspend its food for energy savings.
2) put your pc in maximum power mode not in the eco power management go into the advanced options and disable suspend this device for eco energy.
With these tips my card works fine and I get on a laptop HP 2009 i3 2330m 9ms latency without rowing nexus with reference Sylenth1, ableton live 9 etc. .... Everything works perfectly
Your stalls are due to the fact that usb is not at its maximum power and micro usb cuts to save energy crash the driver for my part I use driver version 1.40 beta ÉMU and especially that your machine is optimized for audio win7 zapped some services and voila.


Yes for my machine even my quad core desktop pc
Not often last date 2010.


For me everything is ok
No manual with beta drivers


3or4 years know more
Not that I had no other means
The sound is more than adequate
Very good value for money for the time