makoshopstore 07/05/2011

E-MU TRACKER PRE-USB 2.0 : makoshopstore's user review

«  Simple and effective »

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I needed a sound card in order to properly record the guitar tracks and bass with low latency. Tracker Pre and does it very well.

I wish I had I / O MIDI for this product.


I produce my songs on FLStudio 8 and Ableton Live.

I can get a low latency (about 10ms) without problems. The computer on which I record / edit my pieces are not very powerful, I am sometimes forced to increase the latency to avoid cracking.


The CDs provided allow easy installation of drivers required to run the sound card under Windows. However, no official Linux driver.

Configuration is also a simple way.


For the price that I bought this product (€ 50), I must say I'm quite satisfied. I use it for over a year now and this choice I would do without hesitation.