zoubidoux 01/21/2012

E-MU TRACKER PRE-USB 2.0 : zoubidoux's user review

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I chose this card to get a better latency with a MIDI keyboard at first.
I used the onboard sound card on my motherboard and it worked very well.
My machine is a dual core intel E8400 running at 3GHz normal. 2 GB of RAM and a 10,000 RPM Velociraptor hard drive.
So for all this software mao, the latency of the MIDI keyboard to record and instruments connected to the 6.35 adaptable.
Output of an amp I plug the show ...


I use the drivers are stable and therefore the last date of 2007.
I turn to 4 ms in Reason as it goes a little below.
And I record with the sonar, recording wave 96000 HZ Stereo 24 bit for a piano.
It will be possible to add an instrument I never tested in any case the jacks used to connect to just about any type jack 6.35 or large wide that are clipped by turning.
With "the Sonar" that allows for a multi-end if we each instrument separately.


No worries installation of the driver manufacturer's website is compatible seven.
As soon as it starts up, it takes over the sound card integrated on the motherboard.
Instruments can be recorded in stereo with the software that came with Sonar LE.
I did not have the manual I downloaded the pdf and I can print it.


I use it for two years, is a card that not many functions but the functions that have the merit of working well.
It was a great value for money two years ago (110 €)
I can not compare with what is being done because I do not want me more aware. So I do not know if I remake that choice.