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Edirol UR-80

Thread EDIROL UR-80

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Hi! I'm a musician trying to build a small home studio.
I was think of buying the UR-80 from EDIROL and PCR30 (midi keyb)
but i'd like to hear your opinions about it cause i've searched all brands and I'm not convinced yet!
I use Reason 2.5 & Cubase SX 2.0

Hey there...

I have a UR-80, and I love it's flexibility. I've used it with cubase, and logic, and it's great to have the physical sliders. also, it records guitar quite nicely, although I have had some minor latency issues. I picked mine up on ebay for $250, and I can't be more pleased...The midi through seems to work well also.

now, I AM using this with an ibook 800mHz, and I do only have 320Mb of ram, but I would look around to see if others have the same latency issues, and whether or not that's due to the USB interface.
if you're laying basic beats i think the pcr-30 should be fine. I jsut got one and am beginning to use it. You don't need both if that is your question.
thanks for the replies!

I am recording bass, guitars and Reason's drum Machine.
I would use the PCR-30 or EVOLUTION MK125 just to add pianos,
Orchestral Strings etc...

But thanx for your opinion
Hi there, I am a musician who's been using software (mainly FL studio, cubase sx, synthedit, cool edit) to produce .. err ... stuff, for quite a while.

I recently bought another midi keyboard: ive now got an Edirol PCR-30 + roland PC-180A, but - the edirol PCR-30 has a midi in, and a midi out. I've only one midi input on my audiophile, and I figured the midi in on the edirol would be fine for connecting my roland to - but, it seems that theres a software issue preventing my host (FL studio) from using more than one midi input at a time.
one can select the edirol pcr input, and it'll work, OR (with the edirol's usb driver the "midi in" input, and that'll let me use the roland... ) but the thing with the roland is that it doesnt have any control knobs or sliders - And I really want to use those to control parameters inside fruity WHILE I use the roland....... Is anyone experienced with this? Have I just bought a new midi keyboard + midi lead and wasted my time/money? :(
any help would be appreciated.
I think i've cobbled together a solution:

1) set midi controllers so that they are on different channels
2) connect second midi-controller to first via midi In
2) use Edirol's usb connection + driver to connect to computer
3) use software called "MIDI Thruway 2.0" to route input from edirol's input, and edirol's midi-in input -> Midi output on your card
4) connect a midi cable from the midi output on your soundcard to the midi input on your card.
5) select the midi input on your card as the input in your host.
Hi. I'm a classical musician (Tenor) and I've just bought a UR-80 but can´t seem to get it right working with Cubase SX 3.1 Does anyone have the right file to use with it, since the one I found both on de CD and on the Edirol site are all meesed up. And I have to reprogram it by hand... which might take a few days... If anyone as done that job already I would be most oblidged. thanks

I Have a severe problem with SX3.1 & the UR 80. Wonder have you managed to solve it, because when it does work the UR80 aids productivity. Steinberg mention potential for midi port conflict with direct music and drivers supplied by OEM's. However I am able to go in assign the controllers save and use the setting for it all to revert back to the original messed up file . Have you had any joy sorting it out or do you have a file that works as this has left me truly bewildered