Emagic Emi 2|6
Emagic Emi 2|6

Emi 2|6, USB audio interface from Emagic.

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Virtual Decadence 02/07/2005

Emagic Emi 2|6 : Virtual Decadence's user review


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2 inputs (sufficient for my Besons), 6 outputs (nice for monitoring, mixing virtual Traktor, I do not use 5.1)
ASIO / EASI (Logic) for PC and CoreAudio for Mac OS X performance, ideal for virtual instruments (a little more limited for an audio recording, on the monitoring software, it works (128 buffer size) if my song n ' is not already too full (the USB uses a lot).

Application: Logic Pro 6, audio and virtual instruments.
Config: Mac Powerbook G4, 15 ", 1.5 Ghz, 1 GB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.3. Acceptable latency for EMI in the config: <6 ms without cracking the Mac.

Connectivity and Device. :
- Audio Input: TPS + ART preamp mixer Soundcraft Compact 4, Rode NT2000 microphone and Behringer B2 Pro
- Listen via the cicuit playback of the speakers and soundcraft Tapco S8.
- Keyboard Novation Remote 25 for virtual instruments.


Installation of drivers downloaded from Emagic (v.1.15): OK on Mac or PC
Incompatibility with Amplitube Live for Mac OS X (no audio in CoreAudio recognized with this software).
Configuration extremely simple, even simplistic: we choose the resolution (16/24 bit, 24 in a choice of input or output but not both) and frequency (44.1, 48 and 96).
Manual useless for me.


- Some crash problems on Windows XP but nothing too serious and disappeared after optimization of the PC (reinstalled the ACPI). No problem on Mac OS X (CoreAudio).

- Regular update: yes. Responsive customer support via internet.

- Software: Basically Logic Pro 6 (or VSTi Emagic software instruments, record), Reason and Ableton Live

- Latency <10 ms in Logic. About 14ms for Traktor PC.

Accuracy: I modified the text I think is not only spent on Mac but now also doing a lot of recording DTD. The notes do not change.

- Runs: 16 to 20 with 50% of instruments. virtual mini. 2 bus maximum with convolution reverb (Space Designer), many plugins Logic, few AU / VST converted (PSP Vintage Warmer essentially plug and Muon).

In terms of regrets: Beware the headphone contains only outputs 1 and 2. (So, again, the routing is nase on this map that begins to date).


Use: 2 years and 6 months of PC to Mac
Goodies: compactness, quality of converters, the look and the blue light :-)
Cons: USB 1.0 (USB version 2.0 or Firewire would be ideal), no possibility to routing (especially for direct monitoring released in mono a mono track .. arghhhh !!!); CoreAudio drivers for Mac perfectly stable.

Today I would take a small interface Edirol FA101 Firewire as or M-Audio. That said if I had to choose a new USB interface, the quality of the converters that I would resume the EMI. As I will probably switch to a interface / surface contraole bulkier in my home studio (style 01X), I keep the EMI to travel and live mixing.

Price / Quality: excellent.

02/2005 EDIT: I always end this little card (3 years now) and even though I always look at the firewire, for now I do not really have to complain about Mac. For those who are too broke to offer a more modern and who only need a good converter (so that a mixer or preamp microphone or only play virtual instruments), it can be a good deal during (and I do not sell mine :-))