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Lexicon Omega

Thread Problem with the lexicon omega

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Topic Problem with the lexicon omega
hey everybody, i wonder if anyone could help me with this.
i recently purchased the lexicon omega, and i worked great, great recording quality, easy to use. but as of late there is a frustrating problem. my speakers are connected directly to the omega, and all sound is through the omega, but bow every once in a while the computer just stops to recognize the omega and all sound dies, and i have to unplug the omega, re-plug it, restart whatever audio software i was running, and then i can hear sound again for another while until it cuts up again, the omega doesn't shut down and the USB led remains lit, but the computer suddenly stops recognizing the omega as the sound card as if i disconnected the USB chord.

if anyone could help it'll solve many problems for me. thank you.
no double posting

%1$s a écrit Hi Ra7or:


i think the correct person you should have addressed to was Harnik :P
Hi Ra7or:

The Steinberg Knowledge base has information that relates to your problem.


I have a similar problem and one thing that the knowledge base article DOES NOT COVER is the possibly of overunning your USB voltage (and running the risk of frying a USB port). Bear in mind that there are FOUR USB DEVICES running simulataneously inside the Lexicon Omega. I have ordered a DLINK powered USB port with SEVEN POWERED PORTS to see if some of this is fixed doing it. Nobody advised me to do it - but after thinking about it and experiencing similar problems with USB devices before it seemed obvious.

Hope this helps.

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