Line 6 POD Studio UX1
Line 6 POD Studio UX1

POD Studio UX1, USB audio interface from Line 6 in the POD Studio series.

Bitozar 03/04/2009

Line 6 POD Studio UX1 : Bitozar's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
My needs:
an audio interface with converters correct, a mic or guitar input, 1 output, low latency, a MIDI interface to a keyboard. Eéventuellement, I was looking for the possibility of using the sounds of POD live or plugin for cubase.
The Toneport studio corresponded to almost all of these needs, but I hesitated a lot because it has no midi interface. Finally I prefer to take the simple interface, a very low price and quality simultaneously present.

Its price: 115 € in store

A) 1 guitar input jack 6.35
B) 1 XLR microphone input
C) an analog output in the form of two mono jack 6.35
These three inputs are not activated in parallel and must choose between A, B or C

D) 1 stereo input jack that allows 6.35 Entry into a sound card but will not be recorded on the acquisition

1 analog output in the form of two mono jacks 6.35
A stereo headphone jack 6.35
These two outputs correspond to the same signal. I plugged the analog output 2xmono in my mixer which is connected to the amp. I do not use the headphone output of the interface.

A USB interface (type printer) to connect the device to the PC. No need for power supply!

Package Contents
In addition to the interface and USB cable are provided:
- Drivers
- POD Farm software version live (used without additional software)
- POD Farm plug-in VST version for software like cubase (that's what makes the difference from the old red UX1)
- An audio / MIDI sequencer that I find abominable
- An app to record riffs adding battery

Podfarm creates its sounds like a multi-effects. The simulations are those of the pod XT and it is possible to buy packs of amps / effects and more.

For € 115, we have a very complete equipment is more than enough to record a track guitar, microphone or other source. Everything is included except the headset and the USB cable to connect the beast of an amp. The audio / MIDI sequencer, however, is far below the level of equipment.

I regret the absence of the midi interface but it is not the purpose of the device. But I would gladly pay 20 € more for it.

One can still find the old UX1 red € 85 € 10 postage. It is therefore only € 20 difference. For me, buying the UX1 Sutdio (black) is justified by the fact that I can use in podfarm plugin directly into Cubase.

The interface is specified as 24 bits / 96 khz but I can not currently do as 24/48. Faloir I will dig a little ...


The installation was trouble-free, no inconsistency. Software, except for the sequencer is very easy to use.

The manual? Not have to ... But it is available and more complete versions are available on the line6 site. However, I put in place for a beginner to the terms monitoring, latency, send, plug-and company are not known: it will actually operate the galleys for the craft. Given the simplicity of the device so the target, a more didactic tutorial would be desirable.

By against, having to connect online to confirm the activation of moudle, bouuuuuuuuh! Shame! Must register, to login, enable the bazaars ... This is certainly an easy way to lute against piracy but it annoys the honest user. For that alone, I would not put more than 5 / 10.


Stability is currently copy and drivers followed by line6.

I like pod farm, easy to use, but I still downloaded the old gearbox I use too (podfarm is supposed to replace). In all cases, the effects are simple to configure, provided the models are really bluffing and are obtained more than enough quality for what I did (models).
Flat on the chaining of effects: it is not possible to combine them at will and you can only use one instance at a time modulation. it can be annoying to live, it is not in cubase plugin mode because you can link the plugins and even mix them with other plugins (Amplitube, guitar rig ...)
Compared to a guitar rig, it is certainly easier to access but is more pro guitar rig and modular.

Already mentioned, but I repeat: the sound quality is really good. It is possible to add amp packs (eg metal pack) but by paying. The offer to $ 45 includes all packages and in reading the reviews, seems to bring a big plus. I do not need it yet.

For latency, playing live with gearbox or podfarm alone, no problem! It is immediate. When we came under direct monitoring with cubase, it gets worse. The default settings gave me 20 ms total (input + output). It is noticeable and annoying. I adjust the settings and I'm at 8-9 ms. Below, it cracks. So either I have not caught on the concept of monitoring, it is cubase plugin or just add latency. I'll have to also addresses that. I do not think my stuff is the cause PC (Core 2 3.4 Ghz, 2 GB)


It's been two weeks that I use, I'm happy. I love his sound and stability. I boos activation over the Internet. I regret the lack of midi interface.

The value for money is good when you consider the offer hardware + software and the effects and amp simulations. I do not know what it is worth compared to an audio interface / midi-type or E-mu Edirol.

I found the forums that a lot of users had problems with latency. I have more but I find bizare of having to very aggressive settings in cubase to get something viable when in live is impeccable.

In any case, for € 115, I really something very comprehensive.