Line 6 TonePort GX
Line 6 TonePort GX

TonePort GX, USB audio interface from Line 6 in the TonePort series.

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Johnny 10/07/2007

Line 6 TonePort GX : Johnny's user review


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USB, and simplicity.
record bass on the song.
intel duocore, 1.86kz, 2 GB of RAM.
stuart ham bass fender, behringer mixing desk euro 502.


Installation carefree I Tlcharger the update driver vista.
yes for use of gx + there are not simple.
the user manual is clear and not those ben .... not at all clear, moreover, it is in English and if not master the language of a savage damn thee.


Driver hyper stable.
there is the update for vista wind on the site.
I use Cubase LE, gearbox, and band in a box.
latance almost zero in cubase I rgler has 2ms.
how track can be recorded with a single gx I think.


3 days I buy them on Friday morning.
the simplicity and clear sound, dynamic, clear, I had a firewire edirol fa66 and well gx sound much better.
I would do no not the same, not on quality but we must recognize the gx
cot a bit limited these connections I'll go to the store and I'll order the UX2.