Line 6 TonePort GX
Line 6 TonePort GX

TonePort GX, USB audio interface from Line 6 in the TonePort series.

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Phil5150 07/25/2007

Line 6 TonePort GX : Phil5150's user review


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See site line6 because the list is long!
The sound modlisations trsralistes at the grain of each simulation.
on the other hand, it still lacks the reproduction of the attack on HP (you know what "Wooouuuammmm" if CHARACTERISTICS for mtalleux when pummeled on the low E that can restore a true front microphone jack amp and can not return the modlisation, but hey this is tip top TonePort GX!.
I use it with a guitar ibanez saber mounts EMG 81 and 85 ... adcoiffe STRID!


Quick and easy installation, the manual is in English on the other hand ...
Beware buy one more mini-jack cable / RCA Stereo to connect the output of the TonePort line out (mini jack output) directly to your monitor speakers (if available RCA attention!) If you want used as the TonePort GX sound card.
You can also configure the TonePort as plug in your squenceur prfr.
Finally, possibility to buy packs later models like the pod xt and 30 days offered for fun or perform on-site GuitarPort On Line.


Hat line 6, simulations and especially the effects are of high quality for 72 euros is really given. Zero-latency and no bug APRS several uses.
I was looking for a solution home recording studio quality sound and close my Flextone 3 that I use live.
The TonePort GX is the ideal solution for work with headphones and / or monitor speakers while bnficiant the best research of Contents modlisation.


Line 6 has aimed on target, a no-fault will become a card in the weeks ahead. I recommend all eyes closed.