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zwitterion 11/09/2005

M-Audio Jamlab : zwitterion's user review


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- The price and the mark (M-Audio)
- Sound guitar live without too much ruin me and play without annoying the neighbor ;-)
- Pentium 4 2.66Ghz, 512 MB Ram
- Everything is integrated more than just plug!


- THE FIRST installation was good place but when you disconnect the USB cable and that the hands of the next session, he is desperately seeking drivers ... He had to reinstall the ... Now it's nickel!
- When connecting the "JamLab," you have virtually the CASC's usual via your sound card! Apart from Cubase and the little program "GiveMeTac" (I have not tried other ...) that they have no problem, it's pretty frustrating to always have the headphone on the head ... (Even in WMP!. And I've never managed to have two sound sources at the same time ... it gets stuck forcing (He goes from one to the other ...)
- Juggling between permanent "I remove" and "I commit" the JamLab
- Manuel clear!


- Drivers stable now (too much, I tried once to remove them ... trs tough, they are still l!)
- The program GTExpress is pretty much done with the form of pedal effects ... I would much prefer Guitar Rig ...
- 2ms!! Stronger than my sound card (I'll also change the frustrating discovery APRS lol ... a SB Live, you surprise me with 50 ms prs)
- I am "forcing" the track-a-runway! ;-)


- I have now for 2 months
- Latency opened my eyes! lol ... But the fact of not being able to open multiple sound sources is trs handicapping! In addition, we are condemned to have a headphone on your head if you do not like it connects to a mixer ... Damage
- No, I have not tried other models
- The report is very satisfactory qualitprix! I like the M-Audio ... Really a good brand
- With experience, I would do maybe not this election ... This is my first steps in computer music and say I learn a little about how it all works. I prefer to focus more on acquiring a sound card for more of Versatile ... But to not take the lead when we just want to train, it's a real pleasure!