M-Audio Quattro Usb
M-Audio Quattro Usb

Quattro Usb, USB audio interface from M-Audio.

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J-Luc 05/15/2003

M-Audio Quattro Usb : J-Luc's user review


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I use the USB Casing 4I/4O Concurrent mode 16-bit 11 48K PIII 700 on a laptop to replace my desktop PC on my ISIS. I 128M (ending for 256) in W2000 pro.
Use home-studio sessions at home or outside.
I am using "front" a Yamaha MX12 / 4 or an omni I / O, adpend.


Installation nickel and instantaneous, no incompatibility. Under W2000, remove priori application "front" in the optimizations Systm has ASIO support.
The config is very simple and the manual unnecessary.


The drivers work perfectly, I use the Quattro ASIO mode-2 with Audio Studio in Magix and the sound is trs, trs good, deep, not a bit of background noise, it's really excellent . USB is perfectly gr stability and a perfect 2 on my pc (fixed and portable W98SE W2000).
I use Cool Edit for small-ditions in MS mode (it switches the driver ASIO MME and vice versa without rebooting!), Magix audio studio for ASIO stuff means and Gold for things bigger.

4E and 4S Concurrent 44.1K/16 bits with 65% utilization of the USB bus.


It's been three weeks since I played with this interface, when I come home with "her" on the laptop, I rcupre by the fixed network, I plug in the quattro (ah , USB is handy!) and I work my thing on a PC much more ergonomic.

I had an ISIS, the sound is in-com-pa-rableu.

I love this little Boti, for the price it was a beautiful piece of soft stuff and a sacrament. I AIM cht'tite an E / SS / PDIF, a cot would be no expensive and it would be very nice.