M-Audio Quattro Usb
M-Audio Quattro Usb

Quattro Usb, USB audio interface from M-Audio.

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Celophane 02/20/2003

M-Audio Quattro Usb : Celophane's user review


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I chose it because it offers an audio interface / midi too CHRE. I use it to enter and leave my Mac G4 OS 9.0 and OSX. With Reason, this is good. Cubase 5.1 is a little winded at times, but works well as long as TRS is 16-bit (even 48 kHz) and 2-channel Stereo in / out. Do not try the 96, it ensures the dbandade (I think it pluttd USB). I tried in 4 channels, but you lose too much CPU power (a, is the processor) and I planted it too often.
Config: Mac G4 867, 1.2 Gb ram, 2x 60 Gb.


Installation is no problem but not so automatic is not forget to place the plug-ins must be o ... No inconsistency, but we need nanmoins restarting the Quattro OS9 whenever you leave Cubase or Reason and most importantly, reslectionner in the panel "a" before opening a software non-pro (QuickTime, etc.).. The advantage on a map: restarting is not all ...
Config gnrale easy but in OS X I'm lost. However, aa ended up walking :-)
MANUEL FAIL as usual


Drivers stable, well-dressed day, I left the average latency because I prfre great stability that microscopic latency. I was able to record and playback 4 channels Stereo (2 x 2 lanes), but it quickly rev limit. That said, I was looking mainly a 2 in - 2 out and a midi interface. I served this ct-l. But when that price FireWire?


I use it for a little over a year. I like the sound, the ease asser Casing the cute and the fact that it is not hidden in the computer. The quality-price ratio is really good trs. We may even try to work in 24 bit ... but the really need to be trs, trs on rglages flexible software, latency, etc.. For the 48 or 44, it's really a good buy for trs home studio not too expensive. It may even make the illusion happens :-)