PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL
PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL

AudioBox 44VSL, USB audio interface from PreSonus in the Audiobox series.

public price: $299 VAT
Kergo 02/08/2013

PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL : Kergo's user review

«  Excellent product! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
What motivated my choice:
Input / output noon.
4 Inputs: 2 line / instrument inputs + 2 Mic / line
Phantom power
independent monitor and headphone volume.
1 gain knob for each channel.
Button mix his computer / direct
Class A preamps XMAS reputable.
Presonus recognized brand on the market.
The preamps are very good quality. It must be brought to the limit of peak determined by a red LED to draw the quintessence.

Used with Nuendo and Cubase on a laptop with Vista dual core 4 gigabytes of RAM and another PC running Windows 7 4 GB of ram and quad. This system is less stable ... In both cases the DD are partitioned into 2.
The card is plugged in USB 2.

In this config I can make models of quality.
I record guitars, vocals and keyboard via MIDI and / or via a USB keyboard plugged into the pc with Halion, Sample Tank and Kompletes Elements from Native.


The driver is stable whatever happens sometimes when you open the setting interface sound card, once closed you can not re-open without re-start the PC.

The software most used by me is Nuendo.

I currently recorded two tracks simultaneously. I could save 4.
Read more carefree 25 tracks.

Latency I get is less than 7 ms.

However, I prefer playing sometimes increase the buffer to be less rowing the computer.


Installation is fast and without any problem.

The control interface is very easy to use. The settings are simple.
One caveat, it should not be forgotten in the management interface, click the Off button before starting a recording session with the DAW.

This card can be used without a DAW or startup and entering the management interface of the card by putting it ON can incorporate effects, equalize the sound input.

The manual is sufficient.


I use it for about 1 year.
I had previously an Alesis I / O 2 and a Yamaha Audiogram 3. Neither of these cards arrive at the ankle of the Presonus.

What I like is the sound quality.
Least that often, once open the setting interface we can not reopen it again without re-start the PC. But this is not really a problem because once set, there is no change to mix history except for the computer less tiring. But this is not mandatory.

A quality / price excellent.