RME Audio Babyface Snow Edition
RME Audio Babyface Snow Edition

Babyface Snow Edition, USB audio interface from RME Audio.

Kifbass 12/12/2013

RME Audio Babyface Snow Edition : Kifbass's user review

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Quality preamp, size, audio inputs and outputs plus I / O ADAT I 8.
I use it mainly to record my bass (direct in the line input), my guembri (mic) and occasionally for voice or equity of ambience sounds. I use it to record demos of music ( Personal projects) make soundtracks for theater (professional)
I use an Apple MB Pro 2.5GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD HDD


The drivers are stable and regularly updated
Livesuite 9 Ableton, Logic X and PT11
I happened to make recordings up to 10 audio tracks (2 years and 8 ADAT) and mix up to 20 audio tracks. Sometimes I use to show 12 Out of Babyface to make multicasting. Matrix mode Totalmix then proves very effective for the routing of inputs and outputs as you can make snapshot of complex configurations which can then instantly recall


installation, etc ... RAS


I used for 3 years as part of my work and my personal projects.
I had a Fireface 800, a Fireface 400 ... but over time I realized that the Babyface covered most of my besoins.Cette card once connected ADAT or with a 01V96-type preamps OctaMic takes then its meaning because its potential is enormous "nonchalantly." In short this card is robust, the sound of a high quality, clear generous, detailed (I use for authorities theater, dance , music). It has never left me in the show. Truly Babyface is a card that excels in many applications. redeem in another? it's already done