RME Audio Babyface
theaudioandvideoguy 07/25/2012

RME Audio Babyface : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

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The RME audio interface was created to be very mobile. It was designed to be able to be taken to different places so you can always have your music with you and be able to create no matter where you go. One thing that I noticed about this interface is that it comes in different colors. This is one of the first interfaces that I have seen that can come in different colors for style, I have seen the one pictured above and I have even seen a pink one before. Its kind of crazy how you can pick a different color.


192 kHz is what you will get when using the RME Audio Interface, and not too mention it’s a USB interface as well. There is an extra headphone output option as well, which I though was really good to have this one such a smaller unit. Most larger interfaces have that option not a mobile one. It does also have midi I/O as well, you will be able to have great control over your music when using the RME Audio Interface.


All latencies on the mac and pc are both low, but I did experience a little more of a lag when using it on my pc than I did on my mac. I am not sure why this was, it could be that my pc is a few years older than my mac, but I have not had any other latencies on that pc before so maybe it was an issue with the interface and the daw.


It’s a great interface, you can pick your own color and get a great sounding recording from such a small stylish device. If you are looking to purchase one brand new it will cost you a good piece of money. I say purchase it used or refurbished to save your self some money.