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Tascam US-122

Thread Help on Use of Tascam 122 with Cubase

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1 Help on Use of Tascam 122 with Cubase
I have been using Adobe Audition for a very long time on my desktop and using a JK Audio Telephone inline patch to record conference calls.

I wanted to get mobile, so I bought the Tascam US122 with the Cubase software. I am pretty sure I have it hooked up properly. The light is on, I get sound in the headphones with a mic plugged in...but I CANNOT FIGURE OUT A WAY TO SEE THE LEVELS ON MY COMPUTER. In other words, my computer isnt registering the input. I havent been able to record anything.

Any suggestions? Help! Thanks in advance.
did you ever get this figured out? i am having the same problem.
did u try pressing the monitor button?
why cubase, if you don't mind me asking.
This probably won't be much help, I also have a 122, its a cheap and nasty version of Cubasis, not Cubase it comes with (only 16 music channels i.e. 8 stereo). I replaced it with a Audigy2 Platinum which came with a nicer version (32 channels), but it still is difficult to see the levels.
I haven't actually seen cubase, so I wonder if it has an improvement here.. What I do is record a short test track and see the result on playback. I then delete the track and make whatever adjustment is required.
I also connect through a Soundcraft Compact 10 ( a braw wee desk) and take hints from it's level indicator. I have the desk output set up and locked.
The problems I get are related to it's dodgy ASIO driver, and it won't work with ASIO4ALL which is a bummer. :oo:
Look first off cubase with the tascam us122...you'll get the le version of cubase. First off..you must go into vst devices within cubase and set the us122 as the primary audio card. thats your problem. mess around with cubase. you can't just install the us122 and just think its gonna automatically run in any daw. Also you need to go to Tascam's web site and make sure you have the most recent driver for your cpu. while installing the new upgrade un plug the us122 and then install new driver and plug it in when it tells you too.
Cubase le 4 is probably the best demo to come with an interface due to it having a lot less limitations than other LEs.