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Tascam US-122

Thread Tascam US-122

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1 Tascam US-122
Hello, I new here. I just bought a Tascam US-122 audio midi interface. I guess my first post didn't work. I see some others out there have some experience with this unit. From what I've been reading most without much success. I would like to hear some comments and discussion on this piece of hardware. While I was researching before I bought the product most of the stuff I read about it was very positive.
I've been trying to use the unit and so far without much success. I can get it to record but it's just a jumbled mess. I have an Athlon 900 on an Abit A7E mothrboard. I hooked up a couple Mics and have been trying to record an acoustic gutar. I can't quite figure out whats going on.
Also I understand Tascam until recently had a user forum. Maybe products like this are the reason it no longer exists. Anyway it would seem a reputable company would want to hear consumer feedback in order to ensure there products quality. Also people could share there experiences on how best to use the product.
What exactly is the problem with the soundcard? Could you be more specific?
Update: I brought the unit over to my brothers, he has a lot of experience at recording and we used it with the latest edition of cakewalk.
It worked great, he was impressed I think. Anyway now I know it is something in my system causing the problem. I am optomistic again, I got and older edition of cool edit from him and will try that.
Like you, I had heard a lot of positives about the 122, until I actually heard from folks who OWNED one. Tascam has been in the recording game for a long time, with some great machines, so you would think they would know what they are doing. I'm guessing that the 122 is just VERY particular about what type of system/software it plugs in to, you know, like 99% of microsoft's crap :shock:
I'm using it with Mac OSX.2.3. Or, i would LIKE to use it. I just got it today and although it claims to be Mac compatable, there's no Cubasis software that came with it, and no other software that came with it. I installed the drivers. I selected it as my input and output device in the sound control panel. I plug my guitar into it and the signal light comes on, but no sound through my computer speakers. I don't know where to go from here. I expect i need some software. I can't afford several hundred for a program. Is there any shareware, or something under $100 that is known to work with this interface, for mac OS? GigaStudio came with it, but i dont' see any mac installer. I have a recording program, Sound Studio, but when that program is open, still nothing, no sound. it's not a multitrack program anyway. It's just for editing.
Got an US122 plugged to my portable, works great. I produced a few audio and midi music, live and offline. I bought it 9 months ago. A few problems arose :

1- The driver cannot switch correctly from 48Khz which is the freq i use for my audio in cubase and reason, to 44Khz which is the freq used by windows for its default sounds and the media player to play CDs. As a result i cant switch from and to cubase as i would like to.

2- The LATENCY !! Whitch is the lowest you can get with the drivers because the only choice is to select the lowest buffer size and switch to 48khz. This brings up a mere 7.5 ms latency for input and a big 21ms latency for output. Add this and you get an overall 28.5 ms latency. This is enough to lose the groove you play :-((

3- The USB 1.1 driver !! Dont even think using another USB device on the same port, you'll be deceived

4- The new version of the windows drivers make windows XP to crash (this is the only piece of software i've seen that can do that !! Gratz Tascam !! And forget about getting a reply from tascam support ...)

5- To finish: my US122 falled from 1ft heigth with a mike connector plugged in, this audio input is now physically dead.

My conclusion: Not fast enough to play groovy, Not stable enough to be used live, Not robust enough to be transported. The US122 is a sunday player toy! Used only to play "like". If you are serious about music, just forget it !
I définitely turn towards firewire products (M-audio), the gain is worth the price. Cheers all
I'm using the us-122 with my power mac g4, and it works great. No problems to speak of in OSX.3.3 with Logic Audio or Garageband. I do not have the problems with hanging and whatnot thatthe windows XP people seem to have.

As far as the software, Cubasis is OS9 only, so you'd need to use OS9 or a different audio app. Garageband is available from Apple for $49.

Good luck guys.
donsabras..whats your PC's Spec?

I have an AMD 1.3GHz chip, 256 ram and want to use one of these cards but your remarks about latency andcrashing windows is quite offputting.

Could it be your system or do you think its definitely going to be the same on any PC running XP??

Tom M