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Epiphone 1958 Korina Explorer

V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Epiphone belonging to the Explorer series.

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linn134 linn134

« Epi 'gold ... »

Publié le 11/30/11 à 09:29
Oh the beautiful Corenne that is!
Taking the form of its high on Gibson but with more rounded horns, the guitar is an Epiphone Explorer lgante (as long as you will appreciate the volumtrie) plutt and luxurious.
Mahogany body and mahogany neck profile al "D" Slim Taper, rosewood fingerboard 22 frets, head banana with mcaniques Grover Mini Rotomatic gold, plastic nut, Tune-O-Matic and stop bar gold, AlNiCo pickups Epiphone gold caps, bulb and switch potentiomtres three positions, the classic sauce Gibson, Epiphone reviewed by a factory in South Korea. The pitch of 24.75 "is also a classic.
Well built, well finished, although team. These are the three main lines of the Korina Explorer 58 RI.
The guitar is good agreement subject to compliance with two principles: first pulling up the strings of higher or gal 10-52, and is a minimum. Then rgler well and adjust the fine before playing. It may be empty for some but I admit that a perfect rglage Epiphone allows him to sound like it should, which is also valid on other instruments strings.


When handling Premire impressions: good.
Despite a form asymtrique and quirky, the Korina Explorer does not dive too much of the head.
It&#39;s a good point. The other good surprise comes from the neck, drawing on a profile and copied to the D Slip Type for Gibson. Endowed with a touch of extremely small radius, so a touch virtually flat, the handle of the beautiful six-lane highway is not too large and not too round.
The black finish called a layer of varnish polyurethane correct the o is covered on its high nitro-cellulose lacquer. T have possession of the Gibson Explorer 76, I must admit that even if the logo and make more from friends in front of the class, the varnish "nitro" never found me thanks. There are excellent high quality instruments that are being protected by polyurethane varnish and that damn "nitro" is not at all an advantage from my point of view. It&#39;s annoying as all talk and glue. L do not worry, the varnish "PU" is smooth, shiny and strong.
The handle is a real treat go. The fretting is flawless, flat key profile "D" is a cras vritable Russianness. If I dared, I would say that Epiphone is better equipped than the Gibson this.
Well hold on the thigh that has notches thanks a screed person, Explorer leaves caress the entire length of its handle. When empty, the copy I have here gives a round, full, warm and has a proper trs trs sustain if not good. The strings are flush frets and a frieze does not a blade. Connecting it!


That&#39;s the beautiful part is a Fender Cyber ​​Deluxe Combo rgl in clean Blackface fawn.
Once adjusted the gain of the amplifier is going to test microphones.
Few hsitation, shape and the look make you want to riff on the bridge pickup.
Any background on the Fender clean sound, apart immediately in lightweight crunch, evidence that the micro AlNiCo has under the hood. I lower the volume a bit and hop on the guitar, the sound is l: round, but with a touch of acidity. Clearly not a sound that I like but please be perfectly certain. On instinct I tamper with the switch set to "medium", dj is more velvety. But we feel that the Explorer is not for the clear sound. Passage in the neck position, the max volume on the guitar: Error! The Explorer is well on its size but clear preferences on the microphone of the handle. Round velvety, warm ... to feel the blues. Yes, a blues feel so that I rsiste not want to spend the Cyber ​​Deluxe overdrive mode. Well I can take because the Explorer is trs comfortable in the registry bluesy. Anything goes: overdrive and distortion Blackface fawn, fawn Tweed, Plexi Mashall fawn and fawn Mesa. Each time the satisfaction is the same: a ring!
In "Marshall Plexi" is a joy to juggle between the neck pickup and bridge pickup. Blues, big rock, hard rock and the old mtal dfilent on tantt raging riffs, tantt boat. An observation of the same while the Alnico mountains of this beautiful Explo &#39;are lagging behind the modern mtal lack of a sufficient bite. No problem of output level, sending the beautiful wood, sometimes too. But a remark on the precision microphones which is insufficient for the sharp riffs and saturated compresssion trs. The characters of an EMG 85 am sorely lacking and I am aware that this nice guitar will not stay long with microphones trs home ...
Volume and Tone are the accessible but IMHO not very useful. The Tone is correct, acts without much poorer sound, the volume is less heel even if it is much more usable on the Epiphone on a range of Chinese. I confess that never Tone t my favorite tool for guitar and I prfre most often use the equalizer to the amp. I can not say the same thing for an electric bass o the contrary, I favor the electronic of the low prior to the amp ... gots and the colors ...


A very nice guitar veil. Well done, good and enjoyable to play trs endearing.
I got on his big Gibson and I did not watch more than a year after all. But this Epiphone is a real pleasant surprise for the price. Mine is an opportunity, well maintained and well RULES, which is an "even better" deal. You do not have the means to acqurir Gibson (also one of the cheapest MODELS used) then console yourself with this little Corenne that of all great and it all and with a hundred dollars in addition to trs do you good mics (EMG 85, Seymour Duncan SH6/SH4, etc.) and you hold the instrument and sustainable srieux (rabbit).
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