Epiphone Goth '58 Explorer
Epiphone Goth '58 Explorer

Goth '58 Explorer, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Explorer series.

tjon901 06/15/2011

Epiphone Goth '58 Explorer : tjon901's user review

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Gibson a few years ago started making the Gothic line of guitars. These guitars are meant to have a more metal image than the regular models. A long with thtese guitars Gibson has their budget line Epiphone producing budget version so fthe same guitars. These guitars are pretty much the same. They are built with the same wood and to the same specs but with different electronics and they are built overseas. Epiphones version of the Explorer Gothic model is close to what the first series of Gibson Gothic Explorers were like. These guitars have passive pickups where as the new Gibson Gothic Explorers have active pickups. They have 22 frets on a mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard. The rosewood fretboard is dyed to have a darker look closer to ebony. There are no inlays apart from a 12 in roman numerals on the 12th fret. It has two humbucking pickups which are Epiphone pickups. Two volume and one master tone control with a 3 way toggle switch pickup selector.


In the 60s Gibson switched to slimmer neck design. The Explorer today has that 60s design. The 60s Gibson neck profile is one of their most popular. The upper frets are easy to reach because of the Explorers design. The radical shape actually gives the guitar a perfect balance for playing while standing up. The neck will come to rest at a perfect angle due to the large body acting as a counter weight. The guitar has no inlays except for on the 12th fret. This may be a problem for some people.


The pickups on this explorer have open coils and are a bit hotter to give you a more metal sound. Epiphone pickups normally are not that great. On many Epiphone guitars the stock pickups will sound pretty muddy. These pickups are a little less muddy and normal Epiphone pickups but I would still recommend a pickup change. The big mahogany body on the guitar helps to give it a big tone. This is what you would expect on an Explorer. You can really feel the body resonate with all that wood.


This guitar is a great alternative to the Gibson Explorer Gothic model. It is much cheaper than the Gibson version and with a pickup swap the guitar can sound just as good. If you drop in a set of EMG's in this guitar it will be a metal machine. The Explorer is a classic guitar shape and has a classic metal look. If you are looking for a great budget guitar that has some room for upgrades this is a good bet.