Epiphone Goth '58 Explorer
Epiphone Goth '58 Explorer

Goth '58 Explorer, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Explorer series.

tOo. 12/17/2005

Epiphone Goth '58 Explorer : tOo.'s user review


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Technique: 2 Alnico V Humbuckers (Epiphone brand / liabilities), Mahogany neck 22 frets rosewood fingerboard al mahogany body, Tune-O-Matic, slcteur 3 positions (neck pickup, neck / bridge, bridge), 2 Volume pots + 1 sound strings books brand D'Addario

Visual: black paint on the body and back of the neck, blackened varnish the button on the handle, mechanical painted black, black plexiglass plate, no marking on the button of the handle from the "XII" described in glossy on a black background (photo not comply!)

* Small dtail, no varnish on the guitar, painting and also ensures the shift is less messy

- New comment, 17/12/2005


The handle: Vritable highway, as I said above is the paint that provides the shift (which gives a touch trs agrble the way). It is trslgrement bomb in the direction of the length as the width at the button, it is also quite thin but has a game on bizard Most recent internship box (question rglage apara , the strings are much higher on Most recent internship boxes on the Premire), hard to get out a solo del 17me of the box

The body, though imposing is not heavy, so as Explorer requires drnires Access in boxes is not ais not going to go beyond the 19th case (of Fawn all the microphones as the strings will sound horribly wrong home well before ca)

The game: The guitar is not envy his groin at the level of the game is almost no diffrence does the high end. It is quite lgre in all respects on the other hand if you tend to let go of the handle between two pieces you buy a leather strap as it switches lgrement ct sleeve, not in Gnant However, Thurs


Before reading this part of the commentary note that I only use the neck pickup, bridge pickup has a plastic sound as horrible as that bypass distortion, even coupled with the neck pickup is unusable

We feel more than ever the orientation of the metal guitar, it is comfortable with trs trs Bourin pieces as long as the distortion follows (I play on a cradle Line6 Metal, trs good couple by the way). The two words to remember are "big" and "hot"

Despite this I am forced to admit that the sound quickly turns the big shapeless mush, in fact it tends to micro trs perform all necessary evil, notament on the 4th and 5th string o Carment is inaudible ... then hold a 3rd word, "boiled"

What I recommend on this point is to change the pickups, the guitar did not cost trs CHRE invest in new pickups with your initial purchase SAVINGS faitessur trs is a good plan, with the guitar potential for evolution rather interresting.


4 months I have this guitar and I'm not prt of me spare, small grants will be interested and what to play beginners in the short and long term. Remember, this guitar is evolution, change the pickups can take you a guitar on top of the range.

Try and buy in stores, watch out for misleading amps that can provide you with the sellers to try your guitar, because I tried the guitar much better than this one and I think far worse than this one (the sound of the amp test silent rather ugly in the disto Ralite intgre silent trs bad)

Small dtail that will change everything for some people, for 200 more you can have in diffrent brands MODELS much better than this one (I think especially ESP), but if the form and the game you like particulirement but not the sound I suggest you change the DS microphone to buy

If I remake this choice? Yes!