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Thread The frets on my Firebird are pitted! HELP ME!

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1 The frets on my Firebird are pitted! HELP ME!
I talked to my guitar tech and he told me he could replace the frets on my Epiphone Firebird VII 1963 Reissue.

The trouble is (mostly on the treble strings) the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fret are denting inward from the strings being held down over time I guess.

This causes certain strings to buzz. If you wanna play a D chord then you're out of luck. I have my guitar set up to take 9s.

My question is....

If I change my string gauge will this decrease the presence of the buzz that I'm getting? (I don't have money to replace the frets right now)

Well basically if you take heavier strings you will get a higher tension. That usually means that the strings won't 'vibrate' as much and the neck will be bent a bit more. You have to be aware though that this also might mess with the intonation of the guitar - usually they are set up for the gauge you are using...going from 9 to 10 might work though (I have done this for a while on my Gibson Nighthawk).

It will change the way the guitar feels - but if it needs to be quick an dirty maybe try raising the action instead. In any case you won't get around changing the frets.
I would go ahead and get the fret job, no big deal, and most guitars need refret at some point if they are played,Greg.
Just get the frets dressed and leveled...
I agree about at liest leveling and dressing first (unless you can get the complete fret job for a REALLY good price.

Also, dont forget to check the truss rod adlustment and nut slot height too. If the nut slots are too deep it could cause the same problems you are experiencing. (and if they are to high you have to use a c-clamp to play facepalm )

Steve 'da ol' SmokeDog in Cleveland