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Gordon Zoot Gordon Zoot

« Fabulous sound and great playability »

Publié le 12/21/19 à 12:54
Value For Money : Excellent
Audience: Anyone
When you understand this guitar, you'll not need anything else...
Turn off the active circuit (switch in centre position), have both pickups on and set vol to 10 on both - a typical full Les Paul sound. Then set the active switch to rear position - oh no! it will be all a bit overblown and not very musical. This is because the volumes need to be set to 5 to equal the non-active levels, 10 is far too much. I think this is the reason some people have doubts when they first encounter this guitar.
For an ideal sound set the active switch to rear position, front p/u volume to 7 and rear p/u volume to 5. This gives that beautiful Les Paul scooped creamy mid sound (like Gary Moore on 'Still got the blues') but with an even longer sustain that goes on for ever without sounding falsely compressed. Leave the front vol at 7 but tweak the rear from between 4 - 8 if you want to change the brightness and attack depending on what or whether you a taking a solo. You'll get all those favourite LP sounds but with a little bit of extra goodness.
The scale is long like a Strat so strings stay nicely in tune, the neck is very slim so allows really fast playing and this is helped by the hard ebony fingerboard with fat and low frets.
Yes it's a bit heavy but it's a good shape for playing whilst seated so not a real issue.
I have had this guitar since the early 80's and it's still the best in my collection and the one I always turn to.