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timberson 08/29/2006

Gibson Rd Artist : timberson's user review


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Made in USA
Maple body
Channel 22 boxes in Maple
2 humbuckers a little weaklings (for rock): I replaced the handle of a Di Marzio
no vibrato
very good mechanical

a pickup selector (neck, bridge or 2)
Electronic active: a serious, acute a + a micro volume. more than one selector enables either a compressor (on pickup), or an expander (on neck pickup), a mode "bright" or neutralize


Channel type GIBSON: rather thin and fast neck balance / body feels like a long handle and makes the game hard bottom (eg agreements with strikethrough) to hand the set up is easy.
The biggest criticism that can be done to this guitar is its weight: 6 I put so because of that disability.


As I said, the pickups seem Putôt original planned for the pop or jazz: with a Di Marzio, it gives! : Big sound so good on the neck pickup, still a bit compressed and typed GIBSON.
the sound is warm and hénéral therefore we do not just talk about "crystal"
Electronic gadgets "compressors, expanders, bright" I have never entousiasmé because they are used only on clean sounds, and again, I prefer external add Effetre. As against the ELECTRONICS actrive can be interesting on the tone (not to put the issue thoroughly Augustinian here under penalty of feedback!)
I used a marshall for years: the impeccable sounds crunchy. I use a small maintenat amp (for my bedroom that's enough) that enhance the mat under his.
In general and despite the active electronics, the sound palette is not very large but adequate.


I have over 20 years and am committed myself: it's a little known model and the wood is pretty clear. The shape is now very vintage.
At the time, I was a little dark on the first of which I found gibson OCCAZ soon as I had had the means and had just missed the particularity of the handle (see above) that do not suit very well my game rather in rhythm. Now that I have a godin strato type for this type of use, I like to return to Gibson for her and for her solos.